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October 2013 Interest Newsletter

Debit Card Banking

An account that works the way you think.
For our members that just want a way to load and use their debit card, we’ve got the product for you!
Introducing Debit Card Banking, an account that’s ideal for teens and members looking for something simple and low maintenance. With Debit Card Banking, you’ll enjoy multiple perks with no strings attached:

  • No account fee
  • No minimum opening balance
  • Free reloadable debit card with rewards
  • Free Publix Presto! ATM transactions
  • Free Mobile Banking1
  • Free Mobile Deposit1
  • Free Snapshot photo debit card2
  • Free cashier’s checks and money orders

And when you open your new Debit Card Banking account, you are automatically enrolled into our Rewards for You program – earning you points toward cash or gift cards with every swipe of your debit card. Plus, you can get $77 cash with your new Debit Card Banking account! Open your account online today at midflorida.com or visit your local branch.

Offer valid as of October 1, 2013 and may be cancelled without notice. Credit approval required at age 18 and over. Online Banking and a debit card are required to open a Debit Card Banking account. 1. Mobile Banking services are available on iPhones and Android smartphones. 2. First photo debit card free of charge (excluding Freedom Banking), additional or subsequent cards will incur a fee. Ask associate for details. 3. To qualify for the $77 cash incentive, you must open a checking account of any type except Freedom Banking. Opening deposit requirements vary by type of checking account opened. Anyone who has held a checking account with MIDFLORIDA in the past year will not qualify for the $77 incentive. To get the $77 incentive, you must complete 5 debit card purchase transactions and sign up for direct deposit (cumulative $250 for 21 & under,cumulative $500 for 22 & over) which must post within the first 45 days. If you are 21 & under and cannot fulfill the direct deposit requirement, you can qualify for a lesser incentive of $25 by completing 5 debit card purchase transactions within 45 days. Incentives will be deposited to new checking account after the qualifications have been met and will be reported to the IRS. See an employee for additional fees and terms.

Refer a Friend…

and share the benefits of banking with MIDFLORIDA!
Find out more at midflorida.com/referral

We’re Growing!

New branches are coming soon, so stay tuned to midflorida.com for Grand Opening details!
Port St. Lucie – 8351 S. US Hwy. 1
Pinellas Park – 4300 Park Blvd.

Just another reason why MIDFLORIDA Rocks!

Just when you thought the list of benefits to using your debit card was long enough, we’re adding one more! Swipe your debit card instead of counting cash or writing a check,and we’ll enter you in a drawing to win a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Every purchase transaction you make with your MIDFLORIDA debit card starting October 16, 2013 through October 16, 2014 is an automatic entry into the drawing. So grab your debit card and start swiping to win! Visit midflorida.com/SwipetoWin or any branch for a complete set of rules.

Ready, Set, Shop!

Holiday Club checks will be mailed the first week of November, just in time to catch all the big sales.

MIDFLORIDA will be closed to observe the following federal holidays:

Monday, November 11— Veterans Day

Thursday, November 28— Thanksgiving Day

Tuesday, December 24— Christmas Eve (close at 1 pm)

Wednesday, December 25— Christmas Day

Wednesday, January 1— New Year’s Day

Monday, January 20— MLK Jr’s Birthday

Introducing MIDFLORIDA Insurance Services, LLC

Now you can turn to MIDFLORIDA for your insurance needs. We offer a variety of insurance options to protect what you and your family value most, comparing top-rated carriers to get you the right coverage at the best price. Visit us online at midflorida.com/insurance or call us toll free at (888) 861-6160.
MIDFLORIDA Insurance Services, LLC, is a subsidiary of MIDFLORIDA Credit Union.

Home & Contents Insurance — Hints and Tips

A message from MIDFLORIDA Insurance Services, LLC
Choosing the right Home and Contents Insurance involves more than simply vauling your assets and choosing the cheapest premium offered. Many insurance products are designed to suit a broad customer base, so it’s important to make sure that the coverage you end up buying covers what’s important to you. MIDFLORIDA Insurance Services, LLC, has put together some tips and hints you may want to consider when shopping around for your Home and Contents Insurance.
1. Know your limits – Insurance policies often have a cap on the amoutn of coverage for valuables. If you have specific assets worth more than the standard limits, you should consider insuring these items seperately to ensure replacement.
2. Going out of town? – If you leave home for extended periods (usually more than two months), it may be worthwhile to check the maximum term that applies with your insurer as you may require extra coverage.
3. Termite Damage – Damage from pests such as termites is usually not covered in your policy. Insurance companies see pest control as the homeowners’ responsibility in the normal upkeep of the property and a preventable event.
4. Flooding – Insurers are often quite restrictive on flood coverage so it’s a good idea to understand whethere a policy covers flooding and how flooding has been defined.
5. Work from home? – If you have a designated space for working from home, you will need to have a separate business insurance policy to cover you for any damages that may occur to your home office.
6. Read the policy document – Don’t wait until an event occurs before you look through your insurance policy document. It’s a good idea to look through it before you take out the policy so you can have some peace of mind if certain events do occur.

For more ways to protect your home and save money too – contact the experts at MIDFLORIDA Insurance Services, LLC,for your free, no-obligation quote. Call us toll free at (888) 861-6160, or visit us online at midflorida.com/insurance

Asset Allocation: Keeping Your Balance

Maintaining a portfolio with a mix of stocks and bonds that suits your risk tolerance and time horizon, a practice known as asset allocation, has been a fundamental tenet of investing for a long time. Although asset allocation does not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market, investors who base their investment strategy on a target asset allocation may find it easier to stick with it when the stock market experiences significant ups and downs. One reason may be that the balance of stocks and bonds helps investors avoid significant losses. Stocks and bonds historically have not moved in tandem in response to economic or market developments, although past performance does not guarantee future results. Points to Consider – When deciding on a target asset allocation, it may be helpful to consider your risk tolerance and time horizon. Stocks istorically have exhibited more short-term ups and downs compared with bonds and other more conservative investments. 1Because of this historical trend, a larger allocation to stocks may be appropriate for those who plan to remain invested for the long term and who can tolerate short-term swings in value. Those who may need to access their money in the short term may want to consider a greater emphasis on more conservative investments with the goal of preserving principal. In addition, feelings about risk also come into play. Some individuals are uncomfortable with investment risk, which is the possibility that the value of their portfolio could decline. Historically, many investors with a low tolerance for investment risk have allocated a larger portion of their portfolios to bonds or cash investments. It’s important to remember, though, that these more conservative investments also carry some risk. Bonds are subject to market and interest rate risk if sold prior to maturity. Bond values will decline as interest rates rise and are subject to availability and change in price. Risk is part of investing, and it’s important to understand the potential upside and the potential downside of every investment. That said, a balanced portfolio may help you stay focused, even when Wall Street seas are choppy.

1Sources: Standard & Poor’s; Barclays Capital. Stocks are represented by the S&P 500, investment-grade bonds by the Barclays Capital Aggregate Bond Index. Past performance does not guarantee future results.Securities offered through LPL Financial, member FINRA | SIPC. Insurance products offered through LPL Financial or its licensed affiliates. MIDFLORIDA Credit Union and MIDFLORIDA Member Investment Services are not a registered broker/dealer and are not affiliated with LPL Financial.

Not NCUA Insured No Credit Union Guarantee May Lose Value

This message brought to you by MIDFLORIDA Member Investment Services

  • IRA rollovers
  • Florida D.R.O.P.
  • 401k rollovers
  • Retirement income
  • Retirement plans for small businesses

Call for an appointment today!
(813) 386-4203
(863) 875-6600
(727) 623-9501

July 2013 Interest Newsletter

Introducing MIDFLORIDA Rewards

A series of rewards programs designed just for our customers

Debit Card Rewards

A program that rewards our members for using their debit card – earning your choice of Rewards for You, Extra Credit for Schools or Rewards for Green Causes.

Coming August 1 -
Exciting new changes for Rewards for You – you’ll earn points with every transaction!*

  • 1 point for every PIN-based (debit) transaction (excludes ATM transactions)
  • 2 points for every signature-based (credit) transaction of $99.99 or less
  • 3 points for every signature-based (credit) transaction of $100 or more

Plus, you choose your reward – either cash or gift cards!

If you’re already enrolled in Rewards for You, you’ll convert to the new points structure in August. To start getting to the point with Rewards for You, simply enroll your card online at midflorida.com/rewards. After August 1, you’ll be able to enroll within Online Banking.

*ATM transactions do not qualify for Rewards for You.

Statement Rewards

If you have Online Banking and a checking account, you’ve probably already noticed some extra features on your Account Details page. We’ve recently added Statement Rewards – a program to offer discounts and coupons based on your purchase history. And the best part is you participate in the offers shown to you by giving a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to indicate your interest for each offer.

To redeem, click on the reward to accept the offer and follow the directions. You can also view a summary of all your offers by clicking on the Statement Rewards button at the top of the Account Details page.

Statement Rewards is offered free to you as an automatic benefit tied to your checking account. While these offers are tailored to you, no personally identifiable information is shared to create these offers.

Enjoy the extra savings offered to you through these programs!

Take a (permanent) vacation from those high-interest cards

Tired of paying the minimum balance on a high-interest credit card and feeling like you’re getting nowhere? Apply for a MIDFLORIDA Visa Platinum credit card and enjoy a competitive interest rate as well as no annual fee. And when you transfer your balances from those other cards to your new lower rate MIDFLORIDA card, you’ll enjoy 0% APR for the first 12 months!

For more information or to apply, visit midflorida.com, stop by any one of our convenient branch locations, or call our Loan Department at (863) 284-5626 or toll free (855) 560-5626.

Credit approval required. The 0% introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on balance transfers is a limited time offer and is valid for first 12 months on new accounts only. Balance transfers from existing MIDFLORIDA credit cards/loans are not eligible for intro APR. A balance transfer fee will apply. See an associate for details.

Four Steps to a Simpler Financial Life

For many Americans, financial life seems to be getting more and more complicated. Perhaps that’s because more workers bear responsibility for their own retirement savings thanks to the proliferation of 401(k) and other plans. Or maybe it’s because there’s so much information and so many investment choices to sort through. Whatever the case, here are some suggestions that may help to simplify your financial life.

  1. Start with a Plan
    A little time spent planning now can benefit you later. First, determine short-term financial goals. Do you want to purchase a home in five years? Are your kids heading off to college soon? Is buying a car a top priority next year? Next, think about long-term goals, such as saving for retirement and, if your children are young, college expenses. Estimate how much money you’ll need to meet each of these goals.
  2. Build a Better Budget
    Next, look at your current monthly net income and then set up a budget. Creating a budget allows you to see exactly where all your money goes and to determine where you can scale back. After making cuts, invest that money to help pursue your financial goals.
  3. Invest Systematically
    You can take time and guesswork out of investing with a systematic investing program. With mutual funds, for example, you can make arrangements to automatically invest a specific amount of money on a regular (e.g., monthly) basis, a strategy also known as dollar cost averaging.* In addition to making investing easier, dollar cost averaging could potentially save you money. You’ll buy more shares when prices are low and fewer shares when they’re high. Over time, the average cost you pay for the shares may be less than the average price.
  4. Rely on an Investment Professional
    While the financial world is far more complex than it was just a few years ago, you don’t have to go it alone. Think about tapping into your investment professional’s expertise before making any major change in your investments. He or she can help you to evaluate how new tax rules and changing market conditions may affect your portfolio and, in turn, your financial goals.

*Dollar cost averaging involves regular, periodic investments in securities regardless of price levels. You should consider your financial ability to continue purchasing shares through periods of high and low prices. This plan does not assure a profit and does not protect against loss in declining markets.

This message brought to you by MIDFLORIDA Member Investment Services

  • IRA rollovers
  • Florida D.R.O.P.
  • 401k rollovers
  • Retirement income
  • Retirement plans for small businesses

Call for an appointment today!
(813) 386-4203
(863) 875-6600
(727) 623-9501

Not NCUA Insured No Credit Union Guarantee May Lose Value

Securities offered through LPL Financial, member FINRA | SIPC. Insurance products offered through LPL Financial or its licensed affiliates. MIDFLORIDA Credit Union and MIDFLORIDA Member Investment Services are not a registered broker/dealer and are not affiliated with LPL Financial.


MIDFLORIDA will be closed to observe the following federal holidays:
Monday, September 2 – Labor Day
Monday, October 14 – Columbus Day

Planning a summer vacation?

Before you go, watch your Facebook posts

Scanning social media sites for status updates is a growing trend for burglars to identify easy homes to target, a recent Australian study reported.* If you’re planning a trip, be careful not to give clues that you’ll be away from home in Facebook posts. You may think only your family and friends are viewing your online comments, but clever thieves may be following your activities too.

*Source: Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia, www.ecu.edu.au, Dec. 9, 2012.

Tag your account for travel

Whether you’re traveling out of the state or out of the country, let us know before you leave, and we’ll put a message on your account that will help prevent debit or credit denials for “out of the ordinary” card activity. Keep in mind, it’s always a good idea to carry a second form of payment, so bring your MIDFLORIDA credit card in addition to your debit card. And don’t forget the phone number to our Help Desk, just in case. To notify us of your travel plans: call the Help Desk at (863) 688-3733 or Toll Free (866) 913-3733, visit any branch or send a secure message within Online Banking.

April 2013 Interest Newsletter

Financial freedom is only a decade away

Who wants to make a mortgage payment every month for 30 years when you can cut it down to just 10? You can own your home sooner with a Free & Clear 10-year mortgage. You’ll enjoy a fixed rate and a clear-cut monthly payment, plus a free appraisal (up to $400 value).

Apply online or call one of our Mortgage Originators today to get started!

Sebring (863) 382-3390
Tampa (813) 386-4201
North Lakeland (863) 937-7803
Lakeland (863) 688-8443

Offer valid as of April 1, 2013. Loan cannot exceed 85% loan-to-value. Offer available for primary and secondary homes only. Other convenient terms available. Limited time offer. Certain restrictions apply. Credit approval required. MIDFLORIDA is an equal housing lender. Some MIDFLORIDA mortgages may not qualify for this offer.

Choose credit and enter to win!

Don’t forget to choose the credit option every time you use your debit card. With every signature-based transaction you complete through October 15, 2013, you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing to win a Chevy Camaro. Visit midflorida.com/vroom or any branch for a complete set of rules.

Meet your Personal Banker

Do your banking whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you. With our Mobile Banking services, you can use your iPhone or Android-based smartphone to check your balance, transfer funds, make loan and credit card payments, pay bills, send and receive payments with Pay-A-Person TM, and make deposits by taking photos of your checks. Download the MIDFLORIDA app today from your phone’s app store and enjoy the freedom of banking on the go!

Online Banking is required to access mobile banking and mobile deposit. The MIDFLORIDA mobile app is currently only available for iPhones and Android Phones.

Coverage Pop Quiz

A message from Heacock Insurance

Who is legally responsible for damages when your tree falls on a neighbor’s property?

If strong winds cause a tree on your property to fall and damage your neighbor’s home, you might think you are legally responsible for paying to repair the damage. However, the truth is that your neighbor would have to submit a claim to their homeowner’s policy to cover any necessary repairs. Since your insurance carrier doesn’t have to pay, your policy won’t be affected, meaning your insurance premiums aren’t likely to increase. However, you may not escape a liability claim if your neighbor decides to sue you to cover their deductible.

Contact the professionals at Heacock Insurance for answers to questions like these or any other insurance-related queries, including a free policy review.

  • Lakeland (863) 683-2228
  • Sebring (863) 385-5171
  • Toll Free (800) 677-5172

MIDFLORIDA is not affiliated with Heacock Insurance.

Simple. Reloadable. And coming soon…

Stay tuned to midflorida.com for a new account to be launched soon. Debit Card Banking will allow you to load funds onto your debit card, without all the fancy add-ons our other accounts feature.

If you like banking with us, you’ll love working here!

Check out our employment opportunities online by visiting midflorida.com/career-center and complete an application to join our team.

Changes to Direct Touch

A few changes are in the works for the Direct Touch telephone banking system to improve functionality and accommodate members with multiple accounts. Please listen closely to each menu choice to ensure you select the option you intended.

Upcoming Events

Visit one of our branch celebrations to see the newly remodeled interiors at these locations:

Friday, April 5
Lake Wales
237 SR 60 West

Bay Pines
10,000 Bay Pines Blvd

Friday, April 19
Central Vero
2800 20th Street

11638 US Hwy 1

Join us for the 2013 MIDFLORIDA Mayfaire by-the-Lake, one of Florida’s premier outdoor art festivals:
Saturday, May 11 – Sunday, May 12
Shores of Lake Morton in Lakeland

Quarterly Security Tip

Follow these best practices for optimal online security:

  • Install and update anti-virus and spyware detection software, as well as a firewall.
  • Keep your computer up-to-date. Use automatic downloads to make sure that your operating system and application patches are automatically updated when released by the vendor.
  • Delete emails from unknown sources without opening them, especially those with nonsensical information or typos in the subject line.

Your privacy is important to us!

Please see our Privacy Policy to learn how we collect and use your information. You should save or print a copy to keep with your other important account records.

Summer Holidays

All branches will be closed to observe the following federal holidays.

  • Monday, May 27 – Memorial Day
  • Thursday, July 4 – Independence Day

Working with a Financial Professional

Proper long-term financial planning requires time, skill, discipline, and confidence – a combination that many individuals may lack. It’s understandable that so many individuals are reluctant to take on the responsibility of researching and implementing their own investment programs. If you find yourself in this situation, it may make sense to consider working with a financial professional.

A qualified financial professional is trained to estimate your financial needs, minimize the impact of taxes, and pursue portfolio diversification. Moreover, a good financial professional can help reduce the emotions involved in decision making and keep your long-term strategy on track.

Whether you are an experienced investor or just starting out, a financial professional can help support your financial goals and bring clarity to issues you may not have thought about, such as:

  • Income and savings – This may be a particularly important topic if you anticipate changing jobs, starting a business, or staying home to care for children.
  • Retirement – An investment professional can help you calculate your goals and evaluate your investment risk tolerance.
  • College – An investment professional can help you take advantage of the often-complex governing educational funding and financial aid.
  • Estate planning – Having a tax-efficient plan for the distribution of assets to your heirs may allow them to keep more of the money you accumulated during your lifetime.
  • Contingency fund – Thinking about the possibility of a job loss or illness is not pleasant; however, an investment professional can help you work toward building a surplus for unexpected events.

Preparing for Your First Meeting
To help you create a formal financial plan, your financial professional will need to assess your personal situation, including your tolerance for risk, current portfolio allocation and time horizon, among other matters. At your first meeting, you may want to bring important documents such as wills, insurance policies and savings and investment account statements. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for your advisor to get a clear understanding of your situation and goals. Some investment professionals use a series of worksheets to identify a client’s current financial circumstance and to design a personal plan of action.

Because a financial plan is a long-term, working document, it makes sense to meet with your professional at least once a year to make adjustments for any changes in lifestyle and market conditions.

Building a relationship of trust takes time. The sooner you contact a financial professional, the sooner you will be able to take charge of your finances, simplify your financial life and devote your energy to other important matters.

This message brought to you by MIDFLORIDA Member Investment Services

  • IRA rollovers
  • Florida D.R.O.P.
  • 401k rollovers
  • Retirement income
  • Retirement plans for small businesses

Call for an appointment today! (813) 386-4203

Not NCUA Insured No Credit Union Guarantee May Lose Value

Securities offered through LPL Financial, member FINRA | SIPC. Insurance products offered through LPL Financial or its licensed affiliates. MIDFLORIDA Credit Union and MIDFLORIDA Member Investment Services are not a registered broker/dealer and are not affiliated with LPL Financial.

January 2013 Interest Newsletter

Choose Credit and Make Vroom in your Garage

Don’t hold up the line counting cash or writing that check. When you’re out shopping or running errands, check out in the fast lane by using your MIDFLORIDA debit card. It’s quick and convenient and can be used anywhere VISA debit is accepted. Plus, with every signature-based (credit) transaction you make using your debit card through October 15, 2013, you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing for a Chevy Camaro. So ditch the checkbook and shift paying into high gear with your MIDFLORIDA debit card. Visit midflorida.com/vroom or any branch for a complete set of rules.

Enjoy the business advantage at MIDFLORIDA

Any business owner knows that change happens. Economic conditions deteriorate. The face of the workforce morphs into something unfamiliar. Blogs and other social media create a whole new dimension. In this environment, it takes more than a great business idea to run a successful
company; you must be flexible and able to adapt, as well.

MIDFLORIDA understands that you have to stay on your toes to compete successfully. Fortunately, we’re here to help you avoid being caught flat-footed. We’ll help your business adjust to the changes and surprises that come your way.

We work at being agile, too. That starts with local decisions so we can respond quickly and effectively
to your needs. Our Business Services team appreciates the unique challenges and opportunities facing your business and can provide tools you need to meet them. Call to speak to one of our professionals today!

Lakeland and West Polk County
Cameron Brock (863) 616-2162

East Polk, Highlands, Hardee, DeSoto, Okeechobee and Indian River counties
Dan McCullough (863) 293-5196

Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties
Tim Franke (813) 386-4311
Hank Todd (813) 386-4312

60th Annual Meeting of the Membership

Tuesday, April 9th at 6:00 pm
5th Floor Community Room
129 S. Kentucky Avenue, Lakeland
See information sheet for details and board member nominations.

U.S. Treasury retires the paper check

Are you currently receiving Social Security, VA or other federal benefits by paper check? The Treasury Department is phasing out paper checks and requiring federal benefit recipients to get their payments electronically. By signing up for direct deposit, you’ll receive your payments safely and conveniently without the risk of stolen checks and forged signatures. But hurry, the deadline to switch to electronic payments is March 1, 2013.

For more information, or to sign up for direct deposit, visit www.godirect.gov or call (800) 333-1795.

Instructions on how to locate your account information to set up direct deposit can be found on our website at midflorida.com/resources.

Welcome Indian River members!

Now that the conversion is complete, we’d like to welcome all our new members from Indian River County! As official members of the MIDFLORIDA family, you are now able to use any of our convenient branch and ATM locations across Central Florida. Also, your debit card is now eligible to earn rewards! Simply choose credit with every purchase you make, and you’ll earn 10¢ for your child’s school or for an environmental cause. Or, if you’d prefer, you can choose to receive 5¢ back with our Rewards for You program. And after 19 credit transactions per month, your reward will increase to 10¢ per credit transaction. For more information and to enroll your debit card today, visit midflorida.com/rewards.

Indian River County branch locations:
Sebastian – 11638 U.S. Hwy. 1, Sebastian
Central Vero – 2800 20th St., Vero Beach

Resolve to review…and save!

A message from our insurance partner, Heacock Insurance
Many New Year’s resolutions never make it to January 2, but here’s one that’s easy to keep. Let the experts at Heacock Insurance review your insurance policies to make sure you’re getting the best coverage at the lowest price. They can take a look at your existing policies and compare them to leading carriers such as Nationwide, Travelers, Safeco, Chubb, Hanover and others. And best of all, they’re able to quote all lines of insurance from coast to coast – so you only need to make one call to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Call Heacock Insurance today for a quick, free policy review.

  • Lakeland (863) 683-2228
  • Sebring (863) 385-5171
  • Toll Free (800) 677-5172

Holiday Closings

MIDFLORIDA branches will be closed to observe the following federal holidays:

  • Monday, Jan. 21 – Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday
  • Monday, Feb. 18 – Presidents’ Day

Safety tip of the quarter

If it seems too good to be true – it probably is
Be careful of finding great deals on the Internet from websites that you don’t already have a relationship with or know from reputation. Don’t assume that because a site shows up in a Google search that it’s been evaluated in any way. So before you purchase those discount airline tickets with your debit or credit card, do a little research on the business first before you trust its website.

Budget your way to extra savings

Investing a few hours to create and maintain a household budget may be the key to identifying opportunities to save more for the future, including for long-term goals such as retirement. Yet it’s surprising how few households take the time to commit to a budget. Many financial experts recommend making time for this task, which could pay dividends down the road.

Get a grip on your money
Finding the extra money to save is not always easy. The good news is that many families realize they spend money on nonessentials – such as eating out and specialty coffees. These are expenses that can often be reduced with the aid of a budget. A budget may also help you reduce large expenses to make room for savings. For example, if your transportation costs are considerable because of a long commute to work, look into carpooling with a colleague or working at home periodically.

Budget basics
The first step is to understand and summarize your various sources of income, which may include earnings from a job, alimony, real estate income, and income or dividends from investments. Next, determine how you spend your money. Start by tracking your spending for a month. Gather bills and receipts, and don’t forget things like an occasional splurge on new shoes or a cup of coffee.

You may want to group expenses into the following categories:

  • Fixed committed expenses, such as mortgage, loan and insurance payments that are the same from month to month.
  • Other committed expenses, which are things you can’t live without, such as food and clothing.
  • Luxury expenses, which are things you like but don’t necessarily need.

You can tally your income and expenses in writing if you prefer. Or consider trying one of the many online budgeting programs to help get you started.

At the end of each month, see how your actual spending stacks up against your budget and how much income is left over. When looking for places to cut additional costs, start with luxury expenses, followed by other committed expenses.

Budgeting will initially require some extra work and organization. But a little extra effort now can go a long way toward helping you pursue your financial goals.

This message brought to you by MIDFLORIDA Member Investment Services

  • IRA rollovers
  • Florida D.R.O.P.
  • 401k rollovers
  • Retirement income
  • Retirement plans for small businesses

Call for an appointment today! (813) 386-4203

Not NCUA Insured No Credit Union Guarantee May Lose Value

Securities offered through LPL Financial, member FINRA | SIPC. Insurance products offered through LPL Financial or its licensed affiliates. MIDFLORIDA Credit Union and MIDFLORIDA Member Investment Services are not a registered broker/dealer and are not affiliated with LPL Financial.

October 2012 Interest Newsletter

Pay-a-Person – No stamps or checks required

With MIDFLORIDA’s Pay-a-Person™ service, you can send payments electronically to anyone, regardless of where they bank, without giving out your account information. Pay your landscaper, the pool guy, or send money to a family member quickly and safely using Online Banking or Mobile Banking. For step-by-step instructions, you can view a tutorial on Pay-a-Person™ and other online services at midflorida.com/online-tutorials.

Brandon Grand Opening

We’re building a new branch in Brandon and will be relocating soon. Keep an eye on midflorida.com for details of our Grand Opening Celebration in early November.
825 W. Brandon Blvd., Brandon

Mergers = more locations for you!

Once the upcoming mergers with Bay Pines Federal Credit Union and Indian River Federal Credit Union are finalized, you’ll have additional branches available to you on both sides of the state. Stay tuned for updates on these new locations.

Spanish Mobile Banking

Now available to our Spanish-speaking members – Mobile Banking in Spanish! If your web browser language is already set to Spanish, Mobile Banking will change automatically. Or to manually adjust this setting, go to Settings from the Main Menu screen and select Español under Language Preference.

Introducing MIDFLORIDA Member Investment Services

MIDFLORIDA now has a department dedicated to helping our members meet their investment and retirement needs. Start planning for your future – contact a financial advisor with MIDFLORIDA Member Investment Services/LPL Financial today.

Call (813) 386-4203

Securities offered through LPL Financial, member FINRA/SIPC. Insurance products offered through LPL Financial or its licensed affiliates.
Not NCUA Insured | No Credit Union Guarantee | May Lose Value

Get ready to shop your socks off!

Holiday Club checks will be mailed the first week of November.

Are your auto insurance premiums going up?

A message from Heacock Insurance
When it comes to getting the best deal on your auto insurance, you don’t need to shop around. Let the insurance experts at Heacock Insurance review your existing policy and compare coverages with leading carriers such as Nationwide, Travelers, Safeco, Chubb, Hanover and others to get you the best coverage at the best price. Plus, you may qualify for discounts such as multi-car, paid-in-full, good driver and homeowner discounts. Call the qualified professionals at Heacock Insurance today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Lakeland (863) 683-2228
Sebring (863) 385-5171
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Important notice about certificate withdrawals

Beginning December 1, the penalties for withdrawing funds from a certificate before maturity will change for all new and renewing certificates. Penalties will be based on the term of the certificate and calculated on the amount withdrawn as shown in the chart below. The penalty charged may reduce principal if the accrued dividends are not sufficient to cover the penalty.

Certificate Term Early Withdrawal Penalty
31 days or less 7 days of dividends
1 month – 18 months 9 months of dividends
19 months – 24 months 12 months of dividends
25 months – 48 months 24 months of dividends
49 months or greater 36 months of dividends

Of course, penalties may be waived in certain circumstances, such as the death or incompetence of an account holder, or if the certificate is part of an IRA or other tax-deferred savings plan. See an associate for more information.

What to keep? What to toss?

Everybody has a paper trail – everything from utility bills and financial statements to tax records and receipts. With so many records it may be difficult to determine which you should keep (and for how long).

Filing and organizing records is critical to maintaining healthy finances. Not only will tax time be easier, but your spouse and other family members will be able to locate important information should the unexpected happen to you.

Following these guidelines may help you organize your records.

  • Utility bills: Throw out (unless you need them for tax purposes).
  • Tax records: Most experts recommend destroying these after seven years.
  • Insurance records: Keep for the life of your policy.
  • Life documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, diplomas, divorce decrees and military records): Store in a safe deposit box indefinitely.
  • Homeowner records (deed and title to your house): Do not throw away.
  • Life- and estate-planning documents: Keep the most current copy.
  • Receipts for major purchases, such as furniture and electronics: Keep as long as you own the item.

We can help keep your records secure
Safe deposit boxes at MIDFLORIDA are a secure way to keep original copies of your most important documents. We offer a variety of sizes to fit your unique needs. For a list of branches that offer safe deposit boxes, visit our website at midflorida.com/safe-deposit-boxes or call the Help Desk for more information.

Holiday Closings

All branches will be closed to observe the following federal holidays:
Veterans Day – November 12
Thanksgiving Day – November 22
Christmas Eve – December 24 (close at 1:00 pm)
Christmas Day – December 25
New Year’s Day – January 1
MLK Jr.’s Birthday – January 21