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Business Fee Schedule

        if balance falls below $250
Freedom Business Checking
        if balance falls below $2,500
        $0.25 per item over 100 free items
per month $25.00
Free Business Checking
        No minimum balance
        $0.25 per item over 500 free items
  No monthly fee
Business Checking with Interest
        if balance falls below $5,000
        $0.25 per item over 500 free items
per month $25.00
Non-Profit Checking per month $3.00
Business Savings1 per month $10.00
Insufficient Funds (NSF) Fee per item $30.00
Paid Insufficient Funds (Overdraft) Fee2 per item $30.00
ACH Insufficient Funds Fee per item $30.00
Paid ACH Insufficient Funds (Overdraft) Fee1 per item $30.00
Paid ATM/Debit Insufficient Funds (Overdraft) Fee1
         First overdraft/mo.
         Second+ overdrafts/mo.

per item
per item

Account Closing by mail   $15.00
Account Research (one hour minimum) per hour $10.00
Address Locator Fee per incident $5.00
Cash Advance on Foreign Credit Cards per transaction $5.00
Cashier's Check to Third Party - Member Fee per check $5.00
Check Copy Fee per item $2.00
Check Images on CD Fee per month $25.00
Check Reject Fee (for poor print quality) per item $5.00
Check Replacement Fee
         non-member fee for cashier's check
per check $5.00
Checkbook Balancing Fee per hour $10.00
Coin Exchange / Cash Deposit Fee
per day
per day

5% of amount over $200
5% of amount
Deposit Correction Fee per incident $5.00
Deposit From Work
        Includes scanner and software to process
        high-volume deposits
per month $90.00
eStatement per month FREE
Extended eStatement Archival Fee per year $10.00
Excessive Debit Fee
         More than 6 withdrawals per month from
        savings or money market
per incident $25.00
Fax Machine Usage Fee per request $2.00
Foreign Check Collection Fee
         Checks under $1,000.00 US Dollars
         Checks over $1,000.00 US Dollars

per item
per item

Fund Transfer by Phone
         charged if calling a branch or Help Desk
per transaction $5.00
Garnishment Fee per incident $100.00
Inactive Fee
         no activity on account for 12 months
per month $5.00
Levy Fee per incident $100.00
Loan Payment on Foreign Debit/Credit Card per transaction $5.00
or 3% of payment, whichever is greater
Membership Cancellation Fee
        *charged if closed within 6 months
Money Order per item $3.00
Negative Balance Fee
        charged the sixth day the account is negative
per day $5.00
Night Deposit Lock Bag per item $25.00
Night Deposit Zipper Bag per item $5.00
Night Deposit Disposable Bags per item $0.50
Notary Fee - Non-members per visit $5.00
"On Us" Check Cashing Fee
        non-member fee for checks drawn on MIDFLORIDA
per check $3.00
Online Banking per month FREE
Online Bill Payment per month $4.95
Online Bill Pay Rush Services
         Expedited (ACH)
         Overnight (Check)

per item
per item

Overdraft Transfer (savings) per transfer $2.50
Overdraft Transfer (loan) per transfer $10.00
Paper Statement Fee 3 per month $2.00
Phone Inquiry Fee
         charged if calling a branch or Help Desk
per call $1.00
Photocopy Fee per page $0.25
Purchase currency / rolled coin per $100 $2.00
Reference Letters per request $5.00
Return of Deposit Item per item $15.00
Return Mail Fee per item $5.00
Safe Deposit Boxes 4
         10 x 10
         5 x 10
         3 x 10
         5 x 5
         3 x 5

per year
per year
per year
per year
per year

Safe Deposit Box Key Deposit per box $5.00
Safe Deposit Box Drilling per incident $128.00
Statement Copy / Account History
         fee for a prior statement copy or a printout of
         recent transaction history
per copy $1.00
Stop Payment Order per item $25.00
Wire Transfer Fee – Domestic
         per wire
Wire Transfer Fee - Foreign
         per wire
Foreign ATM Transaction
         (Inquiry, Loan Advance, Transfer, Withdrawal)
per item $2.00
Proprietary ATM Transaction - MIDFLORIDA per item FREE
Photo of ATM Transaction per photo $60.00
Plastic Card Replacement Fee per item $5.00
Photo Debit Card Fee per item $5.99
Photo Credit Card Fee per item $5.99
  1. Fee waived if member maintains an average daily balance of $250 in the account, or at least $50,000 in loans or $75,000 in cumulative deposits and/or loans. Fee will be deducted from your checking or savings account at our option.
  2. If you have Check Advance and the item/transaction is $5 or less, you will not be charged a Paid Insufficient Funds Fee. Check Advance is available upon approval from Business Services.
  3. The Paper Statement Fee can be avoided by signing up and accepting eStatements.
  4. The contents in your safe deposit box are safe but, unlike your accounts, they are not insured. Sizes listed are not available at all locations.