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Bay Pines Federal Credit Union conversion to MIDFLORIDA Credit Union

General Questions

About Your Account

Debit Cards and Credit Cards

General Questions

When will the merger take effect?

Bay Pines became a division of MIDFLORIDA on September 1, 2012. However, the conversion of account records will not take place until May 31, 2013. Until then, you will continue to use the Bay Pines offices for products and services.

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When will I be able to use the MIDFLORIDA branches?

Beginning June 3, 2013, you will have full access to the 38 MIDFLORIDA branches throughout Central Florida.

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Will the existing Bay Pines staff remain employed with MIDFLORIDA?

Yes. All Bay Pines employees will be offered a position and will maintain their tenure and benefits. However, for training and potentially for their new position, some employees may be deployed to other locations.

Additionally, Bay Pines staff will have the opportunity to bid for transfers within MIDFLORIDA’s corporate area and branch network. So, there is the potential for employees to change locations.

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About Your Account

Will my member number (account number) remain the same?

Your base member number will not change, however, we will need to add a prefix of one billion to your existing Bay Pines account number to determine your MIDFLORIDA account number. For example:

BPFCU Account No.             12345
Add Prefix 1000000000
Your MIDFLORIDA account no. 1000012345

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Will my account remain the same?

All BPFCU accounts will be transitioned to a similar MIDFLORIDA account type. In most cases, MIDFLORIDA offers a similar account type to those offered by Bay Pines so transitioning over to MIDFLORIDA should result in a similar account with the same or enhanced account benefits. You will receive specific information about your accounts prior to account conversion.

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Will I need to notify the companies who use ACH – Automatic Clearing House – to make deposits, such as paychecks, Social Security checks, etc. or withdrawals, such as insurance drafts, car payments, etc. on my accounts to use a new account number?

No. We will programmatically handle this transition to ensure your deposits and payments continue to post without interruption.

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Will I need to get new checks?

You may continue to use your existing BPFCU check stock indefinitely. However, if you would like a free box of MIDFLORIDA checks, you may order one by calling our Help Desk toll free at (866) 913-3733 before June 30, 2013.

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Will my certificates of deposit and loan rates remain the same?

Yes. These products will transfer to MIDFLORIDA with the same rates and terms.

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Does MIDFLORIDA offer telephone banking?

Yes. MIDFLORIDA’s telephone banking will be available following account conversion and unlike the existing Bay Pines telephone banking service, there is no limit to the number of times you can call or the number of transactions you can perform. More information on this service will be provided prior to account conversion.

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Will I be able to access my account during the conversion?

The conversion is scheduled to begin the evening of Friday, May 31. The Bay Pines branch lobby will remain open as usual on Friday until 6 pm. However, while the drive-thru will remain open until 7 pm, only MIDFLORIDA transactions can be processed after 6 pm. Beginning June 3, you will have access to use any one of MIDFLORIDA’s 38 Central Florida branches.

Access to the Bay Pines Online Banking and Bill Payment service will be available until 4 pm on Friday, May 31. You will then have access to your account via MIDFLORIDA’s Online Banking later in the day on Saturday, June 1, and can establish your new MIDFLORIDA User ID and password by clicking on the BPFCU Customers button. Online Bill payment should be available sometime during the day on Monday, June 3.

All ATMs, except the on-site ATM at the 10,000 Bay Pines Blvd branch, will be fully operational through conversion. The on-site ATM is expected to be down for a short while on Friday, May 31, in the afternoon but no exact time has been made available.

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Debit Cards and Credit Cards

Will I be able to continue to use my Bay Pines debit card?

Yes. Your Bay Pines debit card will continue to function now and after conversion.

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Will I be able to continue to use my Bay Pines ATM card?

Yes. It is our intent to allow you to continue to use your Bay Pines ATM card through conversion. A new debit card will be sent to replace your ATM card following conversion.

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Will I be able to continue to use my Bay Pines credit card?

Yes. Your Bay Pines credit card will continue to function now and after conversion.

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Will my payment amount and due date for my credit card remain the same?

Yes. Your Bay Pines credit card account will transfer over at the same rate, fee structure and payment date.

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