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Posted on: November 8, 2013 at 11:20 AM
Categorized in: Mobile App, Online Services

Using Social Media to Get Your Thoughts

How can you be social with your credit union? Join our weekend conversations about products and services.

By Julie Townsend, social media manager

Feedback is critical to keeping any company moving forward and meeting the needs of its customers. Social media is a great way to do that. So for the past few weekends, I’ve posted questions on Facebook about several products and services we offer. Fans were really engaged and provided great suggestions and comments. I was even able to help a few with some issues they’d been having. But the conversation does not stop there. I take those comments to my weekly meetings with management, and we discuss them. Here are a couple of the topics and takeaways we’ve reviewed so far:

Mobile Deposit

Overwhelmingly, members love mobile deposit.

Rebecca Houtch said, “I use it all the time. Best thing ever.”

And Michael Argo Sr. wrote, “I have become a fan of this feature. Particularly on Fridays when it keeps me out of the teller lines.”

Exactly! We are always looking for ways to make banking more convenient. A few members had either reservations or an experience that did not meet their expectations. We hope they reconsider and try again. It is a secure, time saving feature.


Pay-A-Person has been a hit, too.

Blaine Rodenbaugh said “I use it as a means to pay rent, and send money to my 3 children who live in Pa and Wv . . Very handy”

And Levi Stetson Scott wrote “I love it!!! It’s so simple. It’s how I send money to my other bank accounts to pay bills.”

Interested in watching how it works? View our Pay-a-Person tutorial or demos on other online banking features.

Mobile App

Another post asked how we could improve the mobile app. We received great suggestions, including those below that are already in the works!

Members’ suggestions:

  • “How about a way to see how many points you’ve accumulated with the debit card.”
  • “It would be nice if I could use it on my ipad!”
  • “Maybe a text message option of your daily balance?”

Thanks to the members who took the time to comment – we value your input. Be sure to keep up with us on Facebook for future discussions.