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Posted on: August 12, 2013 at 5:06 PM
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The BOSS is Back!

Sometimes a new car can bring back fond memories of the teenager inside of us who admired the handful of guys with the fastest cars in town. A limited Edition Mustang Boss 302 is one of those cars.

When I was a teenager, there were a handful of guys in my small town who always had the fastest cars. One guy had a gold GTO and would put a gold sticker is his side windows each time he won a drag race. If I would see him around town, I would nurse my old boat of a Sport Fury quietly by.

A young man who worked for my father was another one of these guys. He was as poor as the rest of us but always seemed to have one of the fastest cars in town. I still remember him coming to our house with his Plymouth 440 six-pack GTX. He left the car running while he spoke to my dad and me. Even though we were a good 100 feet from the car we still had to scream to talk over the exhaust. When he left that day I encouraged him to do a burn-out. He ended up squealing the tires for half a city block. I had to laugh when all of the neighbors came running out of their houses.

A few years later I ran into him one evening, and he told me he had traded the GTX for a Mustang BOSS 302. I was surprised that he would give up the GTX, but he explained that the BOSS, even with a 302, was a quicker car. A BOSS 302 was also a very rare car, so at the time I didn’t really understand the significance. I only knew that if he owned it, I wanted one!

Well, fast forward 40 years. I’m doing homework with my kids and entertaining myself by searching the Internet. I come upon an article about Ford reintroducing the Mustang BOSS 302. Three things appealed to me – 1. It was a BOSS 302, and it was developed by Ford Racing, so it wasn’t just a decal package. 2. It was to be a very limited edition. Every car guy wants to own a rare muscle car. And 3. It was reasonably priced, just a few thousand more than the common Mustang GT.

I get that “reasonable” is a relative term. But I had a 2002 Corvette convertible that I had recently paid off, so I had a good down-payment. Plus, the Corvette was beginning to have those little things go wrong that are common with a 10 year old car, so I was ready for a change.

It’s been my experience that the best place to buy a rare car is at a small town dealership. They often get one or two of these cars and then struggle to sell them. So I looked around and found a new BOSS 302 for a good price at a little dealership about 70 miles away. We loaded up the Corvette, kept our fingers crossed that it would make the trip without an idiot light coming on, and headed to the country.

The BOSS was a dream come true. It was sitting on the show room floor with the hood open so everyone could see the 444 ponies. They wouldn’t let me test drive the car. That was fine because no one else had test driven it either, so it only had 11 miles on the odometer.

We made the trade, said a long goodbye to the Corvette, and headed home. My first “new” sports car! But a gearhead is a gearhead. One of the cool features of the new BOSS is the ability to open the exhaust before the mufflers. So the first night, I jacked the car up, opened the exhaust, cranked it up and remembered listening to a GTX that started my obsession with cars many years ago.

Did You Know?

There are two theories on the name BOSS. Some say if was because in the day the fastest car in town was called the Boss. Others say if was because the head of Mustang wanted a high performance version and it became known as the Boss’ car.

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