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Defer one month's payment on qualified MIDFLORIDA loans.

Extra Cash in your Pocket

We could all use a little extra cash from time to time, which is why you have the option to take a break from your loan. For a small fee, we’ll move your skipped payment to the end of your loan term. Interest will continue to accrue and the loan maturity date will extend one month beyond its original maturity date.

Fee is $25.00 or 10% of loan payment, whichever is greater.


(863) 284-5626
Toll Free (855) 560-5626


Text the keyword “SKIP” to MIDFL (64335) and we’ll call you back on your cell phone to finalize the details.



Send us an email letting us know you want to skip your next loan payment. Please include your first and last name, but DO NOT include your account number.


Print the Skip-a-Payment form and mail it to
PO Box 8008
Lakeland, FL 33802

In Person

Stop by a branch that’s most convenient for you!

Available for closed-end, fixed-rate loans only. Mortgages and second mortgages do not qualify for this offer. Each guarantor(s) who has signed this agreement hereby consents to this extension of the loan by the Borrower and the Credit Union, without affecting the liability of any guarantor(s). Each guarantor hereby agrees that this obligation shall not be affected by any understanding that any other person was or is to become bound (primarily or secondarily) under said loan or this guaranty agreement or by the death or bankruptcy of any party or by any action or inaction of the Credit Union. Guarantor(s) agrees that any notice sent by the Credit Union to any of the above listed makers shall constitute notice to any and all guarantor(s). Guarantor(s) waives any and all notices required by the Uniform Commercial Code or applicable law. You acknowledge receipt of a copy of this Guaranty Agreement. You agree to all of the terms stated herein. You agree that all of the terms apply to you jointly and severally. No minimum loan amount is required. To qualify your loan must be current, open for at least 9 months, have had no late payments within the last 9 months and had no other skipped payments within the last 12 months. Skipped payment will extend term of loan by one payment.