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Visa Signature

Earn points for everyday purchases and redeem for travel, merchandise or gift cards.

Exciting changes coming soon!
While we work on upgrading our Visa Signature card, it is temporarily unavailable to open.

Perks and Rewards

Want a great rewards credit card? MIDFLORIDA’s Visa Signature offers plenty of perks and bonuses for using your card. Earn 1.25 points for every $1 spent on all purchases. Plus, earn 10,000 bonus points after you spend $2,000 in the first 90 days. Apply online or call our Loan Department at (863) 284-5626 or toll free (855) 560-5626.


Bonus Points

The more you bank with MIDFLORIDA, the more points you can earn on your Visa Signature.

  • New Checking = 1,000 points 4
  • New or Used Vehicle Loan = 1 point per $1, up to 20,000 points 5
  • Second Mortgage = 10,000 points 6
  • Home Equity Line of Credit = 10,000 points 7

1. Cardholders will earn 1.25 rewards point for every $1 spent in net purchases (purchases minus returns/credits) made on the Credit Card account. 2. Balance transfers from another MIDFLORIDA credit card do not qualify for rewards points. A fee will apply for each balance transfer. 3. Applies when you use your Visa Signature to pay for purchase, monthly service plan or travel. 4. Debit card and online banking required. Anyone who has held a checking account in the past year will not qualify. Freedom Banking accounts do not qualify. 5. Minimum loan amount of $5,000. 6. Applies to second mortgage loans of $10,000 or more. 7. Must maintain balance of $10,000 or more for 90 days.

Terms of Service

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases 11.99% - 18.00% depending on your credit rating and other factors. This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.
APR for Balance Transfers and Cash Advances 11.99% - 18.00% depending on your credit rating and other factors. This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.
Penalty APR and When it Applies 17.99% This APR may be applied to your account if you make a payment that is late 60 days or more. However, if your standard rate is 18%, the Penalty APR will not apply.

How Long Will the Penalty APR Apply?
You must make 6 payments in a row on time to cancel the penalty rate and have your APR lowered to the rate in effect at the time the 6th on time payment is made.
Paying Interest Your due date is at least 21 days after we mail your billing statement. We will not charge you interest on purchases if you pay your entire new balance by the due date each month. We will begin charging interest on cash advances and balance transfers on the date the cash advance or balance transfer is posted to your account.
Minimum Interest Charge None
For Credit Card Tips from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau To learn more about factors to consider when applying for or using a credit card, visit the website of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at www.consumerfinance.gov/learnmore.
Fees to Open or Maintain Your Account None
Transaction Fees
Balance Transfer $20.00 or 2% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater.
Cash Advance $20.00 or 2% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater.
Foreign Transaction 0.8% of each transaction in U.S. dollars if the transaction involves a currency conversion; 0.8% of each transaction in U.S. dollars if the transaction does not involve a currency conversion.
Penalty Fees
Late Payment Up to $25.00 if your payment is late.
Over-the-Credit Limit None
Returned Payment Up to $25.00 if your payment is returned for any reason.

How We Will Calculate Your Balance: We use a method called “average daily balance (including new purchases).”
Prime Rate: We use the highest prime rate listed in The Wall Street Journal on the last business day of each month.
Overdraft Protection: If you have overdraft protection linked to your credit card account, overdrafts will be charged to your card at the cash advance APR of 11.99% – 18.00% depending on your credit rating and other factors. This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. In addition, a $10.00 fee will also be added and will accrue interest at the same rates.
Snapshot Photo Card Fee: First card free for each user. $5.99 per individual card thereafter.

Please see the disclosure that is given to you. The information about costs of the card are accurate as of November 12, 2013 and is subject to change after this date. Please contact us at Card Services Department, P.O. box 8008, Lakeland, FL, 33802 for any changes in this information.

Credit Card Disclosure Request
To request a copy of your current credit card disclosure, which may be different than the disclosure on new accounts listed above, please contact the MIDFLORIDA Help Desk at (863) 688-3733 or toll free at (866) 913-3733 and allow 10 days for delivery.

To report a lost or stolen Credit Card, please call 877-602-9023 available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

New Account Holder Terms and Conditions


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