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Digital Wallet Pickpocket Scam

While fraud can occur anytime of the year, the holiday season is prime time for card thieves to run wild. Be mindful of a debit and credit card scam that allows a fraudster to trick you into providing information necessary to allow them to load your cards into their digital wallets. Learn more >

Florida's Community Credit Union

With more than 60 branches from Tampa Bay to the Treasure Coast, up to Gainesville and down to Naples, MIDFLORIDA offers a full range of banking products and services to members throughout Florida. Not-for-profit and member-owned, we deliver a higher level of convenience and personal attention than you’ll find at a bank—without sacrificing competitive rates. Because your money isn’t just a string of numbers on an account statement. It’s personal—and we think the way you bank should reflect that.
Our service area now includes branches in Gainesville, Ocala and The Villages!
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