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How to Choose Credit During a Debit Chip Card Transaction: Just Ask!

The checkout process might have changed with chip cards, but choosing credit is still possible.

Not sure how to run a transaction as credit when you’re using your debit chip card? You’re not alone! The release of new chip card technology has changed the checkout process. Because every store processes transactions differently, it’s hard to provide a single solution. Or is it?

Why credit instead of debit?

Our Debit Card Rewards programs award points for _credit_-based transactions. So, to make the most of these programs—including Rewards for You, Double Debit Card Rewards, and Extra Credit for Schools —you should always choose credit when using your debit card.

When in doubt...

Choosing credit with a magnetic stripe card was generally the same wherever you went; you were usually given the option to choose how to run your transaction. However, many of the new point-of-sale systems don’t give the obvious option of debit or credit. You might not know that until _after_ you’ve started the transaction, so your best bet is to *ask the cashier _before_ dipping your chip*.

Ask and you shall receive (points, that is!)

Once you start asking cashiers how to run your debit transactions as credit, those points will rack up in no time! Not enrolled in Debit Card Rewards? Simply log in to online banking and go to your checking account details page to get started.