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Introducing: My Cards

Now you can easily turn on/off your debit card, set spending limits, and more—all within Online Banking! After logging into Online Banking, navigate to Accounts, and then click or tap on “My Cards.”

Easily turn cards on/off

Unsure if your debit card is lost/stolen or if it’s just in the pocket of yesterday’s pants? My Cards offers a simple solution in the form of an on/off toggle. When you (hopefully!) find your card safe and sound at home, you can simply sign in and flip the switch to turn your card back on. In the event that your card is in the hands of a bad guy, turning it off the moment you realize it’s missing can prevent fraudulent activity. If it doesn’t turn up, keep it turned off and call us immediately to report your card lost or stolen.


Manage spending preferences

My Cards also lets you control where and how your cards are used by managing the following preferences:

  • Transaction types: Never, ever shop online and want to protect your account against an ecommerce shopping scam? There’s a setting for that! Want to restrict ATM access on your debit card? There’s also a setting for that—and many other transaction types—too.
  • Merchant types: Here, you can allow or deny purchases made with specific types of merchants, such as gas stations or restaurants. Please note that merchants are responsible for setting their own categories, so this isn’t always a fool-proof control. (For example, some big box discount stores categorize themselves as grocery stores.)
  • Spending limits: Under this setting, you can restrict purchases made over a specific dollar amount. Just keep in mind that the limit applies to a single transaction. In other words, a $100 limit will prevent any one transaction over $100, but a shopper could still make multiple purchases that total above the $100 limit.