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July 16, 2018

Meet Penny and Buck

Get to know the MIDFLORIDA Cashcows, Penny and Buck, the bovine ambassadors to our Youth Savings Accounts!

Party animals

If you’ve attended a MIDFLORIDA-sponsored event or parade, you’ve probably spotted Penny and Buck among the crowd. But what do Penny and Buck do when they aren’t partying like pirates at Gasparilla or spreading Christmas cheer?

Save that moola

Penny and Buck are not only social butterflies, but they’re also instrumental in getting kids interested in saving their money. Every child with a Youth Savings Account receives an annual birthday card from their bovine buddies. This helps keep kids mindful of their savings accounts during a time when they’re receiving cash gifts. Developing healthy savings habits at a young age can help our littlest members become financial masters by the time they’re adults.

An udderly good time

The Cashcows are also involved in MIDFLORIDA’s Gift of Reading program. Every November, MIDFLORIDA’s employee volunteers read to kindergartners throughout Central Florida and every child, teacher, and media center is presented with their very own copy of the book! They also receive special Penny and Buck bookmarks with details on how they can open a savings account and receive a special prize. This moo-velous program is entering into its 13th year—stay tuned for more details!

Want to meet Penny and Buck?

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