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June 19, 2020

Three Reasons to Use Your Mobile Wallet

Are you holding out on setting up your smart device’s mobile wallet? Not for long! Continue reading for three major perks that come with making handy, contactless purchases.

1. Enhanced security

Thanks to an advanced type of encryption called tokenization, using your mobile wallet to make a purchase is more secure than swiping your card or dipping your chip. When using a mobile wallet, your card number isn’t transmitted to the payment terminal or the merchant, eliminating a major source of fraud. Learn more about the technology behind mobile wallets and how it helps make for a more secure shopping experience.

2. Debit card rewards

If you’re enrolled in MIDFLORIDA’s debit card rewards programs, you know that you can only earn points when you choose credit (ask a cashier if you’re not sure how). But do you know that qualifying purchases made with your mobile wallet help you earn points? With the Rewards for You program, you can earn two points for purchases between $10 and $99.99, and three points for purchases of $100 or more. For every 200 points that you redeem, you’ll receive $5! Even better, if you’re enrolled in Extra Credit for Schools, every transaction—regardless of the purchase amount—earns 10¢ for the school of your choice.

3. Convenient shopping

With more and more stores accepting mobile wallet payments, there are fewer reasons to even carry your physical debit card. Online shoppers can also rejoice, because many ecommerce sites are now accepting Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other mobile wallet payments. Ordering online is as simple as presenting your face or fingerprint!