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March 20, 2020

Banking During the COVID-19 Outbreak

We all know to isolate ourselves from crowds and public places, but what if you need to deposit a check, apply for a credit card, or withdraw cash during this turbulent time? Thankfully, many of your banking needs can be satisfied virtually or with little-to-no human contact.  

Making deposits

With the MIDFLORIDA mobile app, depositing a check is as easy as taking a photo. Simply visit the main menu of the app and tap “Mobile Deposit”. Follow the on-screen prompts from there, or view the tutorial in our Instagram highlights for further instruction. In addition to signing the back of your check, make sure to write “For mobile deposit at MIDFLORIDA Credit Union only.” Otherwise, there could be a delay in depositing the funds into your account, or the deposit could be rejected altogether if we suspect fraud.

To deposit cash, you’ll need to visit a MIDFLORIDA ATM. While you can utilize shared branching for lobby transactions, you cannot make deposits into those financial institutions’ ATMs without risk of losing your funds or facing serious delays. Find a MIDFLORIDA ATM near you if you need to deposit cash. Don’t forget to thoroughly wash your hands after handling cash and touching public surfaces—including ATMs!

Withdrawing funds

If you think need access to cash, pause for a moment and ask yourself why. In many cases, you can eliminate your interactions with cash (and germs) by sending funds electronically using Pay-A-Person (or any number of peer-to-peer payment apps like PayPal and Venmo) or by using your digital wallet at checkout. But, if you absolutely must withdraw cash, head to the nearest MIDFLORIDA ATM. As a reminder, you can also withdraw cash from all Publix Presto! machines without any fees.

Joining MIDFLORIDA or applying for loans

We understand that finding a new financial institution probably isn’t top of mind at the moment, but if you’re interested in joining MIDFLORIDA or taking out a new loan, we invite you to apply online.

Stay tuned

Senior management will continue monitoring developments regarding COVID-19. Please stay tuned for updates and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.