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September 20, 2018

FREE Teen Checking Accounts

MIDFLORIDA’s free teen checking accounts make managing money easy and come with loads of perks, too!

It’s safe to say that many adults could use a little practice balancing their bank accounts and budgeting their expenses. So, why not give responsible teens the opportunity to develop those skills at an early age? That’s exactly why MIDFLORIDA offers Absolutely Free Student Checking accounts!

What’s in it for you

Teens with MIDFLORIDA accounts not only get a head start on their financial independence, but they enjoy tons of benefits, too!

Say "bye-bye" to cash and coins

The hassle of paying with cash is gone, all thanks to a debit card and mobile wallet (both free, of course!). MIDFLORIDA cards can be easily added to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.

Treat yo’self

With free Debit Card Rewards, registered account holders earn points on most transactions that can be redeemed for cash. Make money just by spending it? Sign me up!

Free yourself of fees

Babysitting jobs few and far between this month? No problem! With no minimum balance, there are no fees when you’re light on funds. Take a look at our full fee schedule for complete details.

Joining is easy

Ready to sign up? Stop by any of our branch locations to join today!