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Snapshot Photo Card

Make every purchase a chance to brag!

Your photo. Your card.

You choose your favorite photo; we’ll make it easy for you to show it off with each payment. It’s easy too! Simply select a photo from our online photo gallery, or your own personal collection, and we’ll print the image on your MIDFLORIDA debit card. (A fee may apply for using your own photo.*)

Photo guidelines

To ensure that your card can still be easily read by merchants, keep these tips in mind when choosing your image.

  • Avoid using images that have white or very light backgrounds (the embossed numbers of your card will be white)
  • There are a few elements on each card that cannot be moved to accommodate your photo, but you’ll have the chance to review those in the next step (prior to finalizing your order).

(Note: Photo credit cards can be ordered within Online Banking.)

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The Portal Card offers cell phone protection, personal ID theft protection, purchase security and more.

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I hereby certify that all statements made herein, are true and complete, are submitted for the purpose of obtaining a Debit Card, and that the Credit Union may rely on them for such determination. I authorize you to obtain such information as you may require concerning the statements made in this application including a credit report, and agree the application shall remain your property whether or not the request is granted. I hereby acknowledge receipt of the Agreement and Disclosure Statement. If this application is approved and a VISA Debit Card(s) is issued that undersigned applicant(s) by signing, using or permitting another to use the VISA Debit Card(s) agree(s) that the applicant(s) will be bound by the terms and conditions of the Debit Card Agreement and all amendments.

$5.99 will be deducted from the checking account attached to this debit card.

Your card will last 3 years before it expires.

Terms and Conditions

You must first apply for a credit card before we can process a photo card order.

Apply Online

If you have just opened a Visa Platinum credit card with MIDFLORIDA and don’t have your card in hand yet, please enter all 9’s for the last 4 digits of the card.

Terms and Conditions

*One free photo card per member, per card type (not available with Freedom Banking). Otherwise, a $5.99 fee will be applied to account.