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Flex Certificates

Earn higher dividends with flexible terms, and the rate will be guaranteed for the term you select.
Term: 3 – 60 months
Minimum Deposit: $1,000

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IRA Certificates

Enjoy the security of a fixed rate as well as the tax advantages of an IRA as you save for your retirement. Available with both Traditional and Roth IRA accounts, an IRA CD can help you protect a portion of your retirement funds from taxes either now or in the future.
Term: 3 – 60 months
Minimum Deposit: $1,000

Bump-up Certificates

Lock in a great rate now, and if rates rise you have the opportunity to bump up your rate one time during the term of your certificate. You’ll capitalize on rate increases while your maturity date remains the same. Currently not being offered.
Term: Varies
Minimum Deposit: Varies

Fed Funds Certificates

Maintain your feeling of security while taking advantage of the market fluctuations to earn a higher yield on your investment. Rate reprices daily. Currently not being offered.
Term: 12 months
Minimum Deposit: $5,000

Callable Certificates

From time to time, MIDFLORIDA offers premium yield certificates known as “Callable Certificates.” Callable Certificates are guaranteed for a pre-determined time frame, but may be “called” by the credit union for redemption by the member after an initial investment of six months. Currently not being offered.
Term: Varies
Minimum Deposit: Varies

College Savings Certificates

As a benefit to the teen checking account, you’ll be able to save for college by earning more on your savings. You’ll earn bonus basis points on top of the standard rate. Plus, unlike other certificates, you can continue to make deposits into your certificates.
Term: 12 – 60 months
Minimum Deposit: $500


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