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Questions & Answers

Closing date: November 8, 2019
Conversion date: April 4, 2020


When will the conversion take place?

The conversion of accounts will take place on Saturday, April 4, 2020. While access to some services may be disabled at different intervals leading up to and through the weekend of conversion, there should be no impact to the customer's ability to use their account.

When can I begin using any MIDFLORIDA branch for service?

Signage on all branches of Community Bank & Trust of Florida will transition to MIDFLORIDA Credit Union after November 8. However, Community Bank & Trust of Florida customers will need to rely upon these locations only for service until all accounts are integrated at account conversion. Beginning April 6, 2020, Community Bank & Trust of Florida customers will have access to all MIDFLORIDA branches and can access additional credit union locations through the shared branching network as well.

When will I be able to use a MIDFLORIDA ATM? 

After the closing on November 8, 2019, Community Bank & Trust of Florida debit cards will be accepted at any  MIDFLORIDA proprietary ATM (including the existing Community Bank & Trust of Florida locations) or at any Publix Presto! ATM for withdrawals and transfers and will not incur a transaction fee (no surcharge fee). However, deposits can only be accepted at Community Bank and Trust of Florida ATMs until after conversion. 

If I have a merger-related question, who can I call?

Call our Help Desk at (866) 913-3733 or (877) 727-1ASK.

Cards and Checks

Will I receive a new debit card?

Your existing Community Bank & Trust of Florida debit card and Personal Identification Number (PIN) will continue to work as normal. The only reason a new debit card may be reissued is if the card is lost or stolen, or reaches its expiration date.  Please note: Transaction-based debit card alerts will stop at 7 pm on Friday, April 3. After conversion, debit card controls and alerts can be reinstated by electing to enroll in MIDFLORIDA's Free Online Banking platform. 

Will I receive a new credit card?

Sometime in March, existing Community Bank & Trust credit card holders will have new MIDFLORIDA credit cards issued and new cardholder account disclosures will be provided. On April 1, you should stop using your old Community Bank & Trust card and begin using your new MIDFLORIDA credit card.

Will my Community Bank and Trust checks still work?

All Community Bank & Trust of Florida checks will be accepted and processed as normal. Closer to the conversion date, customers will have the option to order a box of MIDFLORIDA checks by contacting MIDFLORIDA's check processor directly or stopping by a branch. 

Does MIDFLORIDA support Mobile Wallet transactions? 

MIDFLORIDA supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay.

Account Details and Direct Deposit

What is a Share Account?

A Share Account is equal to one share in the credit union. The par value of a share is $5. If you elect to become a member of MIDFLORIDA, we will open and pay your $5 Share Account for you the week following conversion in April. This will give you access to MIDFLORIDA's full line of products and services. 

Why didn’t my joint owner receive an offer for a Share Account?

Joint owners will come over with the account and can continue to access the account as they always have. The Share Account that MIDFLORIDA requires for membership is only necessary for the primary account holder because it represents one share in the credit union, and is the base account upon which all your other accounts are tied to.

Can my joint owner have a Share Account too?

If you would like your joint owner to be joint on your Share Account or if your joint owner would like to open their own Share Account, please visit a Community Bank & Trust (soon to become MIDFLORIDA Credit Union) branch after the closing on November 8.  

Will my account number change?

With a few exceptions, Community Bank & Trust of Florida account numbers will not change. If your account is an exception and your number must be altered, you will be contacted separately. 

Will I need to update my ACH (Automatic Clearing House) transactions or Wire Transfers?

ACH transactions (credits and debits) will continue to post without interruption and without any need for an update on your part. 

Additionally, for our cash management customers, all ACH and Wire Transfer payees and payment templates will move over so you won’t have to set them up again.

Will my Smart Save still work? 

If previously enrolled, this transaction-based savings method will continue to work through conversion and after

What is MIDFLORIDA’s routing and transit number?

MIDFLORIDA’s routing and transit number is 263179804.

Will fees change?

You will receive a copy of MIDFLORIDA’s fee schedule in future correspondence. While you may notice different  terminology and the interval at which fees may be charged, it is MIDFLORIDA’s goal to keep fee amounts the same or less than historically charged.

Deposit Accounts

Are my accounts still insured up to $250,000?

Deposits accounts are insured by NCUA up to $250,000 per account category. The NCUA is a federal agency created by the U.S. Congress which administers the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund and offers similar deposit insurance to that of the FDIC. The NCUA and FDIC both offer the same amounts of protection for share, share draft (i.e. checking), money market accounts and share certificates. Both organizations protect consumers against losses if a financial institutions fails.

Will my certificate rates change?

Certificates will automatically transfer over to MIDFLORIDA with the same rate and term. At certificate maturity, a notice will be delivered to you using the same method outlined for your statement delivery. This notice will provide your certificate renewal options and allow you up to seven (7) days to contact us. 

Will my beneficiaries transfer with my account(s)?

Any previously designated beneficiaries will follow the account when integrated with MIDFLORIDA’s system.

When will my account dividends be credited to my account?

For dividend-earning checking and savings accounts, accrued dividends through April 3 will be credited by CB&T/MIDFLORIDA and will be included on your final CB&T/MIDFLORIDA statement. Dividends earned from April 4 through month end will be credited by MIDFLORIDA. Going forward, dividends earned on any checking or savings account will be compounded and paid at the end of each month. Dividends for certificates will be paid at the same interval and method as previously outlined in your account terms.

Loans and Mortgage

Will my Community Bank & Trust of Florida mortgage be held by MIDFLORIDA going forward?

Any mortgage loan currently being serviced by Community Bank &Trust of Florida will move to MIDFLORIDA and retain the same contractual terms. 

How will I receive statements for my mortgage?

MIDFLORIDA Mortgage Center sends monthly mortgage statements to all mortgage holders. Statements are processed and delivered by mail or electronically mid-month, each month. 

Will my consumer and business loan(s) remain the same following conversion?

Your existing consumer and business loans will transfer to MIDFLORIDA and will retain the same terms. All loan payments will continue to post through conversion regardless of whether the payment is made electronically or mailed.

Where should I mail my loan payment?

Loan payments can be mailed to PO Box 8008, Lakeland, FL 33802.


Online Banking

When will I have access to MIDFLORIDA's online services?

On Sunday, April 5, 2020, Community Bank & Trust customers will gain access to MIDFLORIDA's Premier Online Banking (with the monthly fee waived), as well as other online services,  such as mobile banking, text banking and phone banking. Directions regarding access and initial login will be sent in future correspondence. 

MIDFLORIDA's Premier Online Banking is now available. As a reminder, Bill Pay will be available sometime on Monday. 

Transaction-based debit card alerts will stop at 7pm on Friday, April 3. After conversion, debit card controls and alerts can be reinstated by electing to enroll in MIDFLORIDA’s Free Online Banking platform. 

Can I continue using the Community Bank & Trust of Florida Online Banking or Mobile App?

Community Bank & Trust of Florida online banking and bill pay (including mobile) will be inaccessible beginning Friday April 3.

  • No changes can be made to Bill Pay after 8am.
  • Access to online banking (including mobile banking) will be accessible until 10pm. 

You will no longer have access to log in, check balances, conduct transactions, or review information from the Community Bank & Trust of Florida site after 10pm on April 3. Customers will receive more specific details prior to conversion. However, any payments or transfers set up prior to conversion will continue to clear.

When can I download the MIDFLORIDA mobile app?

MIDFLORIDA has two online/mobile banking platforms. CB&T customers will use our Premier Online Banking (monthly fee will be waived). 

If you already have the CB&T app on your phone or tablet, you will receive the update from Google Play or the App Store that will redirect to MIDFLORIDA’s Premier Online Banking.  Important Update: we experienced an unexpected change to the mobile app icon. Please be assured the icon pictured below is the correct mobile app. We expect the app to be updated with the correct green icon in the near future.

If you don’t already have the CB&T app, download the MIDFLORIDA Premier app from Google Play or the App Store .

When will I receive my account statement from MIDFLORIDA?

A final Community Bank & Trust of Florida account statement (account history since your last statement through April 3, 2020) will be generated and mailed to your address on file.

Following conversion, you will receive your first MIDFLORIDA account statement in April following the same statement delivery time and method that you enjoyed with Community Bank & Trust of Florida.  Going forward, customers with only a savings account will receive quarterly statements in January, April, July and October, while customers with checking or lending accounts will receive statements on a monthly basis.

Note:  MIDFLORIDA checking/savings account statements include activity for savings, checking, certificates and consumer loan activity as well as check images.