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Questions & Answers

Conversion date: November 16, 2019

Debit Cards and Checks

Will I receive a new debit card?

On or about November 10, 2019, new MIDFLORIDA cards will be provided to you to replace your existing First American Bank Mastercard debit card. Your First American debit card will no longer work after 4 pm on Friday, November 15, and should be destroyed. Your new MIDFLORIDA debit card will be available to use around 11 pm on Saturday, November 16.

Will First American Bank customers receive new checks? If so, when?

If you currently use checks on your account, new checks will be delivered to you no later than November 12.  If you find an error or do not receive your order, please call the Help Desk to have a new order completed.

Will there be a cut-off time to stop using First American Bank check stock?

Your First American Bank checks should not be used after Thursday, November 14, and should be destroyed.  You should begin using your new MIDFLORIDA checks as of Friday, November 15.

Account Details and Direct Deposit

What is MIDFLORIDA's Routing and Transit Number?

MIDFLORIDA's routing and transit number is 263179804.

What is a Share Account?

A Share Account is equal to one share in the credit union. The par value of a share is $5. If you elect to become a member of MIDFLORIDA, we will open and pay your $5 Share Account for you the week following conversion. This will give you access to MIDFLORIDA's full line of products and services. 

Why didn’t my joint owner receive an offer for a Share Account?

Joint owners will come over with the account and can continue to access the account as they always have. The Share Account that MIDFLORIDA requires for membership is only necessary for the primary account holder because it represents one share in the credit union, and is the base account upon which all your other accounts are tied to.

Can my joint owner have a Share Account too?

If you would like your joint owner to be joint on your Share Account or if your joint owner would like to open their own Share Account, please visit any MIDFLORIDA location, including the current First American branches, after the conversion on November 16.

Will I need to update my ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions?

All existing ACH payments (such as insurance premiums or gym memberships) and deposits (such as payroll or Social Security) will continue without interruption and without any need for an update on your part. However, if you prefer, you can contact any business with whom you execute ACH payments or deposits to provide MIDFLORIDA's routing and transit number (263179804) along with your account information.  

Will my Overdraft Protection options still be in place through and following conversion?

All checking accounts will receive Check Advance, an overdraft protection option, and have checks and ACH transactions covered automatically. However, in order to have your ATM and everyday debit card transactions included, you must opt in by completing and submitting the Opt In Disclosure Form.

What is the NSF/Overdraft fee?

Insufficient Funds (NSF) Fees *

  • Returned Fee
    MIDFLORIDA returned the item for which there were insufficient funds
    - Checks and ACH: $30 per item
  • Paid (Overdraft) Fee
    MIDFLORIDA paid the item for which there were insufficient funds
    - Checks and ACH: $30 per item
    - ATM/Debit**
         - First overdraft/mo: $10 per item
         - Second+ overdrafts/mo: $30 per item

*As a courtesy, MIDFLORIDA will rebate overdraft fees for occurrences exceeding 5 in any one day.
**If you have Check Advance and the item/transaction is $5 or less, you will not be charged an Overdraft Fee.

Is there a fee for carrying a negative balance?

A negative balance fee of $5 per day is charged the sixth day the account is negative. 

Deposit Accounts

Are my accounts still insured up to $250,000?

Deposits accounts are insured by NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) up to $250,000 per account category. The NCUA is a federal agency created by the U.S. Congress which administers the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund and offers similar deposit insurance to that of the FDIC. The NCUA and FDIC both offer the same amounts of protection for share, share draft (i.e. checking), money market accounts and share certificates. Both organizations protect consumers against losses if a financial institutions fails.

Will my certificates remain the same?

Certificates will automatically transfer over to MIDFLORIDA with the same rate and term. At certificate maturity, a notice will be sent to you outlining your certificate renewal options and allow you up to seven (7) days to contact us.

Will my HSA account be held by MIDFLORIDA and my debit card continue to work?

These accounts will transfer over and work the same as they always have.

Loans and Mortgage

Will my First American Bank mortgage be held by MIDFLORIDA going forward?

Any mortgage loan held by a Florida customer of First American Bank and currently being serviced by First American Bank will move to MIDFLORIDA and retain the same contractual terms. 

Will my escrow account for my mortgage convert?

Yes. Your mortgage escrow account will move to MIDFLORIDA.

How will I receive statements for my mortgage?

MIDFLORIDA Mortgage Center sends monthly mortgage statements to all mortgage holders. Statements are processed and delivered by mail or electronically mid-month, each month. 

Will my consumer and business loans(s) remain the same following conversion?

Your existing consumer and business loans will transfer to MIDFLORIDA and will retain the same terms. All loan payments will continue to post through conversion regardless of whether the payment is made electronically or mailed.

Online Banking

Will I be required to establish a new user ID and password for Online Banking?

Yes. Sometime on Sunday, November 17, you will be able to set up your online banking access with MIDFLORIDA. From the full-site version of, expand the Login button and select the First American Bank link. (Or on the mobile app, tap the Mobile Banking Login button.) From there, you will enter your existing First American Bank username and information about the primary customer or the organization, as well as establish a new User ID and Password. 

Do I have to agree to the disclosures for online banking to access my account using the full site or mobile banking?

Yes. You will have three sets of disclosures to agree to: Online Banking terms and conditions, eStatement terms and conditions and our eSign Agreement. Under federal law, we must notify our members when hardware and software requirements change, and must notify members about updates to our Online Banking agreement. We are not requesting your e-signature to use in future transactions, but rather permission to send you federally mandated disclosures and updates electronically and to use Online Banking. We’ve found members appreciate not having their mailbox constantly filled with the necessary statements and disclosures that federal law requires us to send. It also saves MIDFLORIDA valuable resources by not having to send such documents in the mail. As MIDFLORIDA is member owned, those savings translate to better service and better rates for our members such as you.

Can I continue using the First American Bank Mobile App?

First American Bank's online banking and mobile app will be inaccessible beginning Friday, November 15. You will no longer have access to log in, check balances, conduct transactions, or review information from the First American Bank site as of this date. Additionally, bill pay transactions cannot be changed after 8 am on Thursday, November 14. Customers will receive more specific details prior to conversion. 

Will I continue to receive my statements online?

Statements will be made available to you in either paper or electronic form based on your previous account preferences. If you are currently signed up for eStatements, you will receive both paper statements and eStatements, and the paper statement fee will be waived for November and December. However, you will need to agree to the eStatement terms and conditions by January to turn off the paper statements and avoid the $2 monthly paper statement fee. 

Will scheduled bill payments and transfers take place during conversion weekend?

All of your existing scheduled bill payments and transfers will continue to take place during conversion weekend and after. Please note: You will not be able to change or add any new payments or payees until sometime on Monday, November 18. 

Will my mobile wallet work during and after conversion?

No. Since you will be receiving a new MIDFLORIDA debit card, and your old First American Bank debit card will stop working as of 4 pm on Friday, November 15, you will need to replace the card in your mobile wallet.

Does MIDFLORIDA offer Text Banking?

Text Banking will be available to you sometime on November 17. To enroll, visit the Profile section within Online Banking or the mobile app and select Text Banking or SMS Features. Please note that the commands may differ, so please review the options available during the enrollment process. 

Will PopMoney continue to work?

Your PopMoney payments will need to be reestablished after conversion, as information about the recipient(s) cannot be transferred. As a result, any payment using PopMoney after November 13 will not process. Also, it may be worthwhile to notate your payees before the conversion begins so you can easily set them up after November 17.

While MIDFLORIDA does not offer PopMoney, we do provide two similar services:

  • For payments to another person, use MIDFLORIDA’s Pay-A-Person service.
  • To move money to/from another financial institution, use Linked Accounts (Transfer Funds section).

Both can be set up through the full site or mobile app. View tutorials to see how they work.

Will my budgeting information within Online Banking transfer over to MIDFLORIDA?

MIDFLORIDA offers account aggregation and a budgeting suite within online banking (full site only) similar to that offered by First American Bank. However, outside accounts, goals and budgets will need to be reestablished following conversion.

Will I continue to receive Account Alerts?

No, your First American Bank alerts cannot be carried over to MIDFLORIDA. Please visit the Profile section within MIDFLORIDA's Online Banking or the mobile app after November 17 to see all alert options available to you.

How will I be notified about issues such as late or missed payments or insufficient funds?

eNotices will be delivered to the Secure Message platform of Online Banking when there is pertinent, account-specific information for you to view.

What options are available to me within Online Banking to make a payment to my loan or a loan held elsewhere?

You can select Transfer Funds from the overview screen or select Make Payment from the loan account details page. Then, make your payment from your MIDFLORIDA account, another bank account, or even use a non-MIDFLORIDA credit card for payment, in some cases. (Please note, if making a payment from an account held at another financial institution, the other bank account must be set up as a Linked Account. For more information, see the Linked Account tutorial.) Traditionally, the fastest way to submit your payment is to transfer the payment from a MIDFLORIDA account. Please be advised that, although it may take up to 24 hours for the payment to show in online banking, it is credited immediately.

I shared my Online Banking login credentials with my joint account owner. How will we each log in to Online Banking following conversion?

If you are a joint account holder and shared login credentials with the primary account owner, contact the Help Desk to set up your own login credentials.

In certain browsers, I get the option to save my user ID and password for Online Banking but it doesn’t appear to be working. Why?

You have the option to select "Remember Me" to have the browser remember your User ID. However, to help prevent unauthorized access to members’ accounts (especially on public computers and shared devices), MIDFLORIDA has prevented passwords from being stored in web browsers.

When are Bill Pay funds withdrawn from my account?

Bill Pay funds are deducted from your account on the scheduled processing date, regardless if the payment is sent via ACH or paper check. This allows members to keep better track of account balances because there is not a delay between the day the payment is sent and the day it clears.

Where do Bill Pay funds go after they are withdrawn from my account?

When the funds are removed from your account, they are placed into the general ledger of our Bill Pay system. A check or electronic payment is issued on your behalf and, once the funds have cleared the payee’s account, they are removed from the general ledger.

For Bill Pay, how do I know my payee received their payment?

Please contact Help Desk and we can provide you with proof of payment.


How do I get my initial PIN for Direct Touch (Phone Banking)?

To sign up for Direct Touch Phone Banking, please call the Help Desk at (863) 688-3733 or toll free (866) 913-3733.

Can I use any ATM without a fee? 

On Monday, November 18, you will be able to conduct transactions using your MIDFLORIDA Visa debit card at any MIDFLORIDA proprietary ATM or Presto! Publix ATM without a surcharge or transaction fee. Foreign ATM transactions (inquiries, loan advances, transfers, withdrawals) are $2.00 per item.

Which branches will remain open?

All First American Bank branches will remain open and continue operating under normal service hours. As we expand into the market, we may open additional branches that operate under MIDFLORIDA’s traditional service hours.

Will I have the same type of account with MIDFLORIDA as I have with First American Bank?

  • If you have a Savings Account with FAB, you will have a Regular Savings Account with MIDFLORIDA.
  • If you have a Money Market account with FAB, you will have a Money Market account with MIDFLORIDA.
  • If you have a Regular/Interest/1934 Checking account with FAB, you will have a 1934 Regular Checking account with MIDFLORIDA.
  • If you have a Fiduciary Checking account with FAB, you will have a Fiduciary Checking account with MIDFLORIDA.
  • If you have a 5th Avenue Reserve or Physician's Checking account with FAB, you will have a 5th Avenue Reserve Checking account with MIDFLORIDA.
  • If you have a Health Savings Account with FAB, you will have a Health Savings Account with MIDFLORIDA.
  • If you have a Free Checking or VIP Checking account with FAB, you will have a Free Checking account with MIDFLORIDA.
  • If you have a Lawyer Trust account with FAB, you will have a Lawyer Trust account with MIDFLORIDA.
  • If you have a Money Market Checking or Private Checking account with FAB, you will have a Money Market Checking account with MIDFLORIDA. 
  • If you have a Professional or Relationship Checking account with FAB, you will have a Relationship Checking account with MIDFLORIDA.
  • If you have a University Checking account and will be over the age of 21 as of 12/1/19, you will have an eVolve Checking account with MIDFLORIDA.  If you have a University Checking account and you are 21 or younger as of 12/1/19, you will have an Absolutely Free Student Checking account with MIDFLORIDA.

Will my account number change?

With a few exceptions, First American Bank account numbers will not change. If your account is an exception and your number must be altered, you will be contacted separately. 

If I have a merger-related question, who can I call?

Call our Help Desk at (866) 913-3733 or (877) 727-1ASK.

Will there be any special hours over the weekend of the account conversion?

Conversion Weekend Help Desk Hours

  • Friday, November 15: 7 am-8 pm
  • Saturday, November 16: 7 am-8 pm
  • Sunday, November 17: 7 am-7 pm

I mail in deposits, do I need to begin mailing to a new address?

Yes. Deposits must be mailed to MIDFLORIDA at PO Box 8008, Lakeland, FL 33802.

When will I receive my statement?

A final First American Bank account statement (account history since your last statement through November 15, 2019) will be generated and mailed via regular U.S. mail. 

At month end, MIDFLORIDA will generate and deliver your account statement using your chosen delivery method. This statement can be used to verify balances, etc. by matching it to your First American statement. (Going forward, account holders with checking and loan accounts will receive monthly statements while account holders with savings only will receive statements on a quarterly basis of January, April, July, and October.) 

When can I begin using any MIDFLORIDA branch for service?

Once conversion is complete on Monday, November 18, you can use any of MIDFLORIDA’s  branches for all of your banking needs. Until conversion is complete, however, you will need to continue using the MIDFLORIDA-First American Bank offices and/or online banking for your primary financial needs. 

When will First American Bank Debit Card transactions made over conversion weekend post to my account?

Transactions made during conversion weekend will begin posting to your account on Monday, November 18, and could take a couple of days to clear. We suggest knowing your balance before conversion starts and keeping track of your expenses to ensure your account is not overdrawn when transactions post.

Will the First American Bank locations be open normal hours before and after the conversion?

Yes, there is no immediate plan to alter hours of the acquired branches, but hours may be extended at some locations in the future.