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Fraud Protection

Take control of your payments

Positive Payment

Protect your business from fraudulent check and ACH debit activity with our Positive Payment online services. Positive Payment for Checks and ACH services are integrated into our Premier Treasury Online Banking platform and allow you to have control over what is being debited from your accounts.

For check transactions, Positive Payment allows you to submit your issued checks in online banking. When your checks are presented for payment, we will match them to the information you provided and will report any discrepancies.

Reverse positive pay services are also available for both check and ACH transactions.

ACH Debit Block

Our Positive Payment system also offers ACH Debit Block which provides additional security for ACH transactions. We block all ACH debits except those you specifically authorize. If a debit is presented that is not included on your list, you have the opportunity to review and make a decision to pay the item or return it.

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