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Person scanning an android mobile phone on a mobile wallet checkout device to pay for a purchase

Samsung Pay

Can I provision multiple cards on my device?

Yes. Samsung allows up to 10 debit or credit cards per device, but any number of gift cards or loyalty cards may be added (participating merchants only). The last card you used to make a purchase with Samsung Pay will automatically appear as your default card the next time you open the app. If your MIDFLORIDA credit or debit card is not your default card, simply swipe between the cards you have added and select your MIDFLORIDA card before making a purchase.

Can I provision my credit or debit card on multiple devices?

Yes. Samsung Pay allows the same card(s) to be added on multiple devices.

Can I remove my card from my device?

Yes. Please note that if you suspend your token (meaning, suspend the use of your card on your device), you are the only one who will be authorized to reinstate it.

Do Android Pay and Samsung Pay transactions count toward MIDFLORIDA rewards points?

Yes! You’re still using your MIDFLORIDA card, so you can watch those points add up.

How is my card stored for use with Samsung Pay?

Once your card is set up (provisioned) with Samsung Pay and approved, the payment network creates a digital card number, or token. For your security, the token substitutes the card’s number with a unique identifier, making this more secure than sending your actual card number. This process takes place every time you add a payment card, which means that even if you add a card that you previously removed, a new token will be generated.

Samsung does not store or have access to the payment information added to Samsung Pay. To help you manage your cards, the last four digits of your card number will be displayed on the card image within the Samsung Pay app.

Where can I use Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay uses Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST), so you should be able to use it just about anywhere that allows you to use your magnetic stripe to swipe your debit or credit card.