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Snapshot Photo Card

If I am replacing an existing debit card with a new photo image debit card, what do I need to do with my old MIDFLORIDA debit card?

Once you receive your new photo image card, you should destroy your old card to ensure that you don’t accidentally try to use it again. The old MIDFLORIDA debit card will not function once the new photo image card has been activated.

Will I need to get a new PIN (Personal Identification Number) if I am just replacing an existing MIDFLORIDA debit card with a photo image card?

No, your existing PIN will work with your new card. However, if you would like to change your PIN, you may take your new photo image card to any branch and have a new PIN assigned.

If I am getting a debit card for the first time and am electing to get a photo image card, when will I receive my PIN (Personal Identification Number)?

If you are getting a new debit card on an account which did not have a debit card in the past, a PIN will be sent to you by separate mailer. However, if you would prefer to choose your own PIN, you may bring the card to any branch to have a PIN assigned to it. Also, it’s important to remember that signature-based transactions (generally when you select credit rather than debit) do not require a PIN for approval so you can use your card in advance of receiving your PIN if you wish.

Do I need to change my account numbers on any pre-existing automatic payments I have established with my existing MIDFLORIDA debit card?

Your debit card number will remain the same; however, because your new photo debit card is issued with a new expiration date, that piece of information will need to be updated with your vendor.

My husband has a debit card and I have a debit card on our joint account. Can we each have different images? Can we both have the same image?

You can both have the same image or different images. Each card order is separate and will track to the card number. Whether you choose the same image for two separate cards or two different images for two separate cards, you will be billed $5.99 for each photo debit card ordered.

How can I get a Portal debit card?

The Portal Debit Card from MIDFLORIDA offers additional benefits to cardholders, such as cell phone protection, personal ID theft protection, purchase security and more. To start enjoying the perks of the Portal Card, visit a branch to sign up today. Learn more about the Portal Card and its features. (Link to Portal debit card page)

Can I add an image to my Portal Card?

Yes! If you already have a Portal Debit Card, you can order your photo card using your established Portal Card Number. Simply select “Portal Debit Card” as your card type and follow the prompts.

How can I change my debit card PIN?

If you do not know your current PIN, you can call 1.800.214.9773. If you know your current PIN and would like to change it, you can visit a MIDFLORIDA ATM to perform a PIN reset.