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Double Debit Card Rewards

An easy way to get your rewards faster

Earn twice the points when you sign up for Rewards for You and activate double rewards each quarter.1 New categories are announced every three months giving you a variety of ways to rack up rewards.

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Choose credit to earn double points

All purchase transactions of $10 or more will earn points, but only credit-based transactions of $30 or more will qualify for double rewards. So choose credit when making purchases in each spending category and earn your rewards even faster!

Transaction Type Normal Rewards Double Rewards
PIN-based transactions of $10 or more (excluding ATM transactions) 1 point --
Credit-based transactions of $10 to $29.99 2 points --
Credit-based transactions of $30 to $99.99 2 points 4 points
Credit-based transactions of $100 & more 3 points 6 points

Have questions?
View our Double Debit Card Rewards Q&A for more details on the program.

Notices & Disclosures
To participate, you must be enrolled in Rewards for You and then quarterly enroll in the Double Debit Card Rewards program. When you enroll in Double Debit Card Rewards, all accounts (debit cards) in which you are the primary or joint owner will be enrolled. Cards enrolled in Extra Credit for Schools cannot participate in this offer. Individual transactions must total at least $30 in order to earn double rewards. Transactions totaling at least $10 but less than $30 will earn rewards at the normal rate. Merchants who accept VISA cards are assigned a merchant code, which is how we determine the categories for which to award you additional points. Occasionally, a merchant will offer services that seem to fit within a category of spending but their primary business line isn’t set up with the appropriate merchant code. When that happens, Double Debit Card Rewards points cannot be provided. However, you will earn rewards at the normal rate. There is no maximum on the number of points you can earn within a quarter. This offer is not transferrable and if rewards are earned on multiple accounts, rewards cannot be combined. This is a limited time offer that can be cancelled without notice. Freedom Banking is not eligible for Debit Card Rewards.