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April 24, 2024

Make Your Move a Breeze: 5 Things Every Newcomer Moving to Florida Needs to Know

Moving to Florida? Sunshine awaits! Expect warm weather (and potential hurricanes!), diverse communities, and a booming job market. Research your ideal city, find a realtor, and explore hidden gems before you hit the beach! MIDFLORIDA can help with your mortgage.

This blog is for educational purposes only, not an offer of credit or advertisement for current loan terms. It does not provide legal advice. Refer to our loan web pages or consult professional advisors for specific information.

Ah, the allure of the Sunshine State.

With its endless sunshine, pristine beaches, and vibrant culture, it’s no wonder why it draws people from all corners of the world.

Moving to Florida promises a change in scenery and a lifestyle transformation that embodies relaxation, adventure, and endless opportunities. 

However, making a seamless transition requires preparation and an understanding of what life in Florida entails.

Here’s our list of five things you should know if you’re considering moving to Florida.

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1. Learn to love Florida's climate

Florida's climate is renowned for its year-round warmth and sunshine (hence, the nickname), but sometimes the warmth takes newcomers by surprise.

The weather patterns here are primarily subtropical, with hot, humid summers and mild, drier winters. However, Florida's weather can vary significantly from the panhandle to the southern tip.

Stormy weather

Preparing for hurricanes and seasonal weather is integral to living in Florida.

The state is susceptible to hurricanes from June through November, with peak activity typically in August and September.

Newcomers should familiarize themselves with hurricane preparedness, including securing adequate home insurance, understanding evacuation routes, and having an emergency kit ready.

Adapting to Florida's climate means not only enjoying the sunny days but also being prepared for its weather extremes.

2. Florida’s cost of living

There's a wide variety in the cost of living across Florida, depending on the city and lifestyle choices.

Cities like Miami and Orlando may offer a bustling urban experience but you'll find costs are much higher compared to smaller towns or suburban areas.

Compare the cost of living across different Florida cities to find a location that matches your financial comfort.

Common Florida homeowner costs

Budgeting for Florida's lifestyle also involves considering additional expenses such as:

  • Air conditioning costs during the hot months
  • Potentially higher homeowner’s insurance than other states
  • Possibly a hurricane insurance premium
  • Hurricane protections on your home
  • Pool maintenance
  • Landscaping

Tax break bonus

On the upside, Florida does not have a state income tax. That's a big bonus for consumers. Plus, this feature can offset some of the higher costs associated with living in the state.

When planning your move, factor in these expenses to ensure a comfortable adjustment to your new Florida life, allowing you to embrace the leisure and opportunities it offers fully.

3. Learn about the Florida housing market

Finding the right home in Florida requires a blend of research, patience, and strategic thinking.

  1. Start by identifying your preferred locations based on lifestyle, employment, and educational needs.
  2. Utilize online resources, real estate agents, and visits to potential neighborhoods to gather information.
  3. Pay attention to market trends in your chosen area, as Florida's real estate market can vary significantly from one region to another.

It’s recommended to work with a knowledgeable local real estate agent who understands your needs and can provide insights into specific communities.

Professional agents can help you navigate the complexities of the Florida housing market, from making competitive offers to understanding local regulations and closing processes.

This tailored approach will enhance your ability to find a home that fits your criteria and budget in the Sunshine State.

4. Florida has many diverse cultures and communities

A distinct ‘Florida-esque’ nature can be found in most cities here, but the amenity and culture options are widely diverse across the state—enough to allow you many lifestyle options.

As a result, we suggest you take the time to consider what, exactly, your preferred neighborhood is like.

A rich tapestry

Florida's cultural diversity is one of its most enriching aspects, offering a mosaic of influences from Latin America, the Caribbean, and beyond.

This diversity is reflected in the state's food, festivals, and daily life, providing a vibrant backdrop to your new home.

Whether you're drawn to the artistic vibes of Miami's Wynwood, the historic streets of St. Augustine, or the laid-back lifestyle of the Gulf Coast, Florida has a community for everyone.

How to locate your preferred community

Finding your community involves exploring different areas and engaging with local events and social groups.

Participate in community gatherings, local meetups, and volunteer opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and integrate into your new surroundings more smoothly.

5. Check out employment opportunities

Relocating to Florida for employment makes a lot of sense for many workers.

Florida's economy is robust and diverse, with key industries ranging from tourism and hospitality to aerospace and healthcare.

The state's business-friendly environment also fosters a growing technology sector and numerous startup ventures.

Securing a job before the big move

For job hunting before the move, leverage online job portals, LinkedIn, and local Florida employment websites to start your search.

Networking is crucial, so reach out to professional groups and associations in your field for advice and connections.

Once you've relocated, consider local job fairs and continue networking to uncover opportunities that may not be advertised online.

What’s the final word on moving to Florida?

Embracing the Florida lifestyle means more than just enjoying its beautiful beaches and sunny days; it's about immersing yourself in the diverse cultures, communities, and opportunities that make the state unique.

Successful relocation to Florida hinges on thorough planning and research, from understanding the climate and cost of living to finding the right home and job.

With the right preparation, you can transition smoothly and start enjoying all that Florida has to offer.

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