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Take Charge of Your Credit With MIDFLORIDA

Tired of high interest rates or annual fees? We have the perfect credit card for you. Build your credit while enjoying generous credit limits, attractive rates and fewer fees.


A card for every lifestyle

All cards are not created equal, especially when compared to a MIDFLORIDA credit card. We offer cards to suit every need and preference - whether you're interested in a low rate, earning rewards, or want to build your credit.

Chip Technology
Generous limits
Low Rates
Call (863) 284-5626 or toll free (855) 560-5626, find your local branch, or apply online.

Apply Online

Instant-Issue Cards

Need a new card now? Walk into any branch to apply and walk out with a new card today.  All branches can print your new card on-demand!1

Online Banking

Manage your account online.

With free online banking, you can view your credit card account history, search past transactions, and make payments from your MIDFLORIDA savings or checking account.
Plus, you can set up Visa alerts to keep track of your account and detect fraudulent charges right away. To sign up for online banking, call us at (863) 688-3733 or toll free at (866) 913-3733, or visit any branch.
Notices & Disclosures
Business credit cards and card upgrades cannot be issued instantly at a branch and must be mailed.
Membership and eligibility requirements apply.