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Retirement is one step closer with an IRA.


An IRA is one of the easiest ways to save for retirement.

An IRA (Individual Retirement Account) allows you to grow your money with potential tax advantages, including tax-deductible contributions with a Traditional IRA or tax-free withdrawals with a Roth IRA1. Once your funds have been placed into an IRA account, you can use them for different investments such as savings accounts or certificates of deposit. You can also use an IRA to set aside funds for your child’s education.

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Traditional and Roth IRAs are the most popular IRA options. Here's a comparison of some of the benefits each provides:

Your benefits include...

Traditional IRA Roth IRA
Contributions are tax-deductible, as long as certain criteria are met X  
Withdraw contributions at any time, tax- and penalty-free   X
Tax-free withdrawals during retirement, as long as certain criteria are met   X
No Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), no matter your age   X
Contributions can be made regardless of income level X  
Consolidate before-tax retirement accounts without paying taxes X  
Contributions can be made at any age, provided you have earned income  


Earnings generated from IRA are tax-deferred X X


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