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Treasury Management

Keep your finances running smoothly

With MIDFLORIDA's business services, you can manage your cash flow with ease. Whether you need to pay vendors, deposit groups of checks or allow others to securely view your account, we're here to help.

For Corporate Treasury and Cash Management customers needing assistance, call (352) 291-5995  or send an email.

ACH Origination

ACH offers a safe and flexible way to send payments, such as recurring bills or tax payments. You can even use ACH to pay employees. Just set up your payments within Online Banking, and the recipient should have the funds in 1-3 days. Contact a Business Banker to add this feature to your Online Banking.

Wire Transfers

Usually used for larger, more timely payments, wire transfers are the quickest way to send money. In fact, payments can be received the same day if submitted before 5:00 pm. Wire transfers can be set up over the phone or in person, and domestic wire transfers can be set up within Online Banking. Fees apply to send and receive wire transfers.  Contact a Business Banker to add this feature to your Online Banking.

Business Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit groups of checks quickly without leaving the office. Learn more

Merchant Services

Strengthen your revenue by accepting multiple forms of payment. Learn more

Payroll Services

Eliminate time processing payroll with this convenient service. Learn more

Business Sweep Account

Our sweep account automatically takes idle money from your business checking account each day and moves it to another account where your money can work harder for you. 

Fraud Protection

Protect your business from fraudulent check and electronic activity by establishing filters that will block unauthorized transactions. For example, you can dictate which companies are authorized to post ACH transactions, or you can share a list of checks you've issued and review any mismatches before the check is paid.

User Entitlements

Give trusted persons access to your business bank accounts in Online Banking to view or perform transactions on your behalf. You control which accounts users can see or manage, the transaction limits and authorization levels, depending on their business need.  Contact a Business Banker to request this service.