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Direct Deposit From MIDFLORIDA

Your deposit made - without the hassle!

Regardless of what day you're paid on or where you are when it's pay day, if you have direct deposit, your payroll is deposited immediately to your account. It's a fast, free and safe way to make sure your paycheck makes it to the bank ASAP - and all without you having to drive to the bank, complete a form or wait in line.

To enroll, you'll need to contact your payroll department or the government agency that pays you and provide them your direct deposit authorization form and account details like your account number and MIDFLORIDA's routing and transit number. Your payer may need you to complete a different form or provide a voided check to process your request.

Get a Pre-filled form in  Free Online Banking

To save time, you can download a Direct Deposit form within Free Online Banking (full site only) that is prefilled with your account number and MIDFLORIDA's routing number. 

  • Log in to Free Online Banking (full site).
  • Go to the Profile tab and select Direct Deposit Form from the left navigation.
  • Select the account you want your deposit to go to and click the Download  button.
  • A PDF document will download to your computer pre-filled with your account number. 

Early Paycheck

Get paid even faster with Early Paycheck. Free with your MIDFLORIDA checking account, our Early Paycheck service posts your  direct deposit from your employer or government agency  to your account at least one day earlier.