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September 12, 2022

Need Help? Ask Kit, Our New Chat Bot

You’ve got questions and Kit has answers! Who’s Kit? MIDFLORIDA’s new, specially programmed chat bot that answers questions about all things MIDFLORIDA.

Frequently asked questions

Is Kit a person?

No, Kit is not a person. Kit is a chat bot that has been specially programmed to answer general questions and provide resources for self service.

What if I need to speak with a human?

Members can still call Help Desk or visit a local branch for help! Kit is an additional means of receiving assistance and isn’t replacing the human-to-human or face-to-face banking our members love.

Why does MIDFLORIDA need a chat bot?

Vanessa Hernandez, our Chief of Retail Delivery, explains that, “Help Desk receives hundreds of calls a day, many from members asking routine questions. Having a chat bot available to help field frequently asked questions just makes sense. It not only puts answers at members’ fingertips, but also frees up representatives to assist with account-related questions.”

What if the bot can’t answer my question?

Kit will continually learn and receive routine updates to ensure that members have answers to the most frequently asked questions. If Kit is unable to assist you, you’ll receive options for contacting MIDFLORIDA to speak with a representative.

How secure is the bot?

We take security very seriously and take several measures to ensure our members' safety and privacy. This includes things like encrypting all traffic and data, performing thorough security checks, and much more. Rest assured that your communication with Kit is secure!

Can I use the bot to check my balance and perform transactions?

The bot is currently available to answer questions about MIDFLORIDA and guide members through various self-service options, such as resetting an Online Banking password. While the bot does not currently integrate with members’ accounts and cannot be used to perform transactions, these features are in the works. In the meantime, please continue utilizing text banking, Online Banking, and the mobile app to access your account information.

Learn more

Do you have questions about Kit that we haven’t answered here? Send us a message using the contact us form or ask the bot itself. Kit just might have an answer for you!