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Check Advance

Because sometimes mistakes happen.

What is Check Advance?

Don’t let unplanned expenses or accidental overspending make for an embarrassing situation at the cash register. With Check Advance, your account can be overdrawn up to an established limit, giving you a little extra cushion and protection against bounced checks and declined payments.

How to enroll

Free Online Banking users can select Check Advance under the Profile section on the full site. On the mobile app, go to the home screen (Accounts) and tap the vertical ellipses in the top right corner of the checking account card you want to opt in.

Premier Online Banking users can send a secure message asking to opt-in to Check Advance, and we'll send you the Opt-In form to complete electronically.

As always, you can also stop by any branch, or print and mail the Opt In Form.  

How much of a cushion is there?

The Check Advance limit is dependent on the type of checking account and other factors.


All Personal Checking Accounts

Excluding Freedom, Basic, Fiduciary and Absolutely Free Student Checking. Includes Non-Profit Checking.
1 month positive account history $500
12 months positive account history and $2,000 in monthly deposits1 $1,000
Basic Checking
12 months positive account history and $1,000 in monthly deposits1 $100
Above criteria plus 3 repaid transactions $200


Free Business Checking and Business Checking with Interest
1 month positive account history $500
6 months positive account history and $3,000 in monthly deposits1 $1,000
6 months positive account history and $5,000 in monthly deposits1 $1,500

What types of transactions are covered?

  • Checks and ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions are automatically covered
  • ATM and everyday debit card transactions are covered only after you’ve submitted an Opt In Disclosure Form (PDF).
  • In-person withdrawals
  • Online Banking transactions and payments

How much does Check Advance cost?

Check Advance spares you from additional fees that might be charged by a merchant for a returned transaction. However, you will be charged an overdraft fee any time your account is overdrawn (debit card transactions under $5 will not be charged). In addition, you will be assessed a fee if your account remains negative for more than five days.

  • $10 for the first debit card overdraft each month. Subsequent overdrafts are each assessed a $30 fee.
  • $30 for all other types of overdrafts, including checks, ACH, and online bill payments.
  • $5 for each day after five days that your account is negative, up to $50 per occurrence.

What else do I need to know?

You must be 18 years or older to use Check Advance. If your account carries a negative balance of $30 or higher for 15 days or more, the service may be cancelled without notice. Check Advance limit can adjust monthly based on changes in your deposit and account history. Overdraft fees are deducted from Check Advance limit. Learn more about overdrafts and overdraft fees

Please note that, when using a debit card for purchases, merchants often place a hold on the funds until the transaction is fully processed through the bank. In some cases, the hold may be for more than the actual purchase – that’s often the case with gasoline purchases. While these holds are removed once the matching transaction comes in, they can impact the available balance and limit the funds available. Using services such as Mobile Banking, Text Banking, or Direct Touch Banking allows immediate account access to ensure there are funds available prior to making a purchase.


Notices & Disclosures
Check Advance limit can adjust monthly based on changes in your deposit and account history. Deposit requirement must be met for three (3) consecutive months to qualify for higher limit.