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Documentation Needed at Account Opening

Click on the account type below to view the documentation required at account opening:

Personal accounts

Primary identification (unexpired United States government-issued identification evidencing nationality or residence and bearing a photograph) and secondary identification (an unexpired document that shows your name and either a signature or photograph).

Examples of primary identification:

  • U.S. Territory issued Photo Driver’s License
  • U.S. issued State Identification Card
  • U.S. issued Resident Alien Card
  • U.S. issued Military ID

Please note that a proof of residence may be required if your primary identification does not show your current address.

Business accounts

Sole Proprietorships (DBA)

  • SS-4 or EIN (if using EIN)
  • Active fictitious name filing with Sunbiz

Sole Proprietorships (Using Full Name)

  • EIN (if using EIN)
  • Business tax receipt (if applicable)

Associations and Clubs

  • SS-4, EIN, or letter from parent organization
  • Bylaws/charter documents
  • Letter or minutes indicating authorized signers


  • SS-4 or EIN
  • Active filing with Sunbiz
  • Active articles of incorporation with Sunbiz
  • Bylaws
  • Meeting minutes indicating signers (non-profits only)

Limited Liability Companies

  • SS-4 or EIN
  • Active filing with Sunbiz
  • Active articles of organization with Sunbiz
  • Operating agreement

Partnership (General Partnership (GP), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  • SS-4 or EIN
  • Active filing with Sunbiz (unless General Partnership)
  • Active certification of partnership with Sunbiz (unless General Partnership)
  • Partnership agreement

Representative Payee

  • A copy of the notice of award letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA), OR
  • A copy of a recent Supplemental Security Income (SSI) check that shows a representative payee

Fiduciary (VA Benefits)

  • A copy of a letter from Veterans Affairs (VA), OR
  • A copy of a recent VA check that shows a fiduciary

UTMA (Uniform Transfer to Minors Act)

  • Minor's social security card

Power of Attorney

  • Power of Attorney document


Please note that MIDFLORIDA does not open guardianship accounts.


Please note that MIDFLORIDA does not open Estate accounts.


  • Certification of Trust document.