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EMV Card Technology

Little chip. Big benefits.

Chip cards (also called EMV cards, named for Europay, MasterCard®, and Visa®), help prevent counterfeiting and combat fraud. A card’s microchip sends a one-time communication to a point-of-sale terminal. This data isn’t stored and can’t be duplicated, making a chip card transaction much more secure than one made with a swipe card. What’s more, EMV chips carry unique security credentials that prevent card skimming and cloning.

Dip that Chip

To conduct a transaction, simply dip your chip into the point-of-sale terminal. The microchip will communicate with the machine and you’ll be prompted to remove your card once the transaction is complete. If the merchant doesn’t have a chip-enabled terminal, you’ll just swipe your card using the magnetic stripe and continue with the transaction as usual.

Choose Credit? Just Ask!

Our debit card rewards programs require that you “choose credit” at the point-of-sale terminal. With the introduction of chip cards, however, choosing credit isn’t always as simple as just pressing a button. So, before you dip your chip, ask the cashier how to process the transaction as credit.