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Using your credit card responsibly

Tips to becoming a savvy credit card user

When you don’t see actual money changing hands, it’s hard to grasp the implications of swiping plastic. It’s important to understand that using a credit card is like having a loan. It’s borrowed money that has to be paid back.

Think twice

When faced with making a purchase, ask yourself if the item is something you need or want. You must be wise and show control over your purchases in order to build good credit.

Pay more than the minimum

Your credit card bill will show you the minimum payment due, but it is recommended that you pay more than the minimum or pay the entire balance off. If you make only the minimum payment, it will take longer to pay off and increases the amount of interest.

Make your payments on time

One of the convenient features of a credit card is the grace period. When you receive your credit card bill, you will have around 21 days before it has to be paid back or a minimum payment made. Be sure to make your payment on time to avoid a late payment fee and keep your credit rating in good standing.

Stay aware of your balance

Waiting until your bill comes to see what your balance is can be a critical mistake. You can easily lose track of how much you’ve spent and may find yourself overwhelmed at the end of the month. Use online banking to monitor your account and stay on top of your spending.

Credit cards are a very convenient and useful tool for handling your finances. It’s a great way to build your credit history. As long as you manage your credit card wisely and keep your balance in check, you can enjoy all the benefits a credit card has to offer.