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Extra Credit

Extra Credit Q&A

What Schools Can I Choose To Give Extra Credit To?

Schools within MIDFLORIDA’s service area are eligible to participate. However, before the school can be activated to begin receiving donations, the principal of the school must agree to the Extra Credit effort.

Any accredited, non-profit public or private school that has a 501(c)(3) or 509(a)(1) tax-exempt status, kindergarten through high school, located in MIDFLORIDA Credit Union's area of service can participate in the program.

How do I enroll my MIDFLORIDA debit card to earn Extra Credit?

Sign into Online Banking and select the checking account for the debit card you want to enroll. Then click on the Debit Card Rewards button at the top of the Account Details page and choose the Extra Credit for Schools program. Once your account is signed up, you’ll begin earning credit with each transaction that you process using your MIDFLORIDA debit card as a credit.

When will my school receive their Extra Credit donation?

Funds will accrue daily and paid annually in early December of each year, provided that the school’s balance of money earned reaches a minimum of $25. If the minimum is not met, the balance will carry over to the following year, up to a maximum of four payout periods. After four payout periods, if the school’s balance of money earned has not reached the minimum, the funds will be forfeited and the school will be removed from the extra Credit program.

What can I do if my school isn’t listed?

Call your school principal and tell him/her there’s an easy Extra Credit opportunity for your school. The principal can contact us for more information.

Can I change my school designation?

Yes, you may change the school that your debit card is attached to at any time.

To make a change, sign into Online Banking and select the checking account for the debit card you want to change programs for. Click on the Debit Card Rewards button at the top of the Account Details page and select Extra Credit for Schools to go through the school selection process. The change will take place within 24 hours and the new school you have selected will begin to earn credit. Any credit earned prior to changing your designation will remain with the school originally chosen.

Can my school cancel the program?

Yes, the school principal can elect to cancel the program; however, the school will be required to wait until early December of each year to receive any money accrued for your school.

How can I tell my staff, teachers and parents about this program?

This is an important aspect of this program. The more people that participate, the more transactions are processed and the more money your school earns so you’re smart to want to make sure your staff, teachers and parents are participating.

We’ve come up with a few options but we’re open to suggestions if you have others. We can:

  • Have a representative of MIDFLORIDA come speak at a PTA or other school related meeting or function to explain the program. (Fundraising is specifically for school use and donated funds cannot be contributed to a PTA or PTO.)
  • Provide you with quarterly inserts designed to be sent home with the students to encourage parent participation.

Can I enroll my MIDFLORIDA debit card for more than one school at a time?

You can only enroll your card to earn Extra Credit for one school at a time. Once one card on a checking account is enrolled into the program, all additional cards on the account will earn the Extra Credit reward for the same school.

How can I enroll my MIDFLORIDA debit card in the Extra Credit For Schools Program if I don’t have online access?

The only way to enroll in the Extra Credit program is through free Online Banking. To be set up, visit a branch or call MIDFLORIDA’s Help Desk at (863) 688-3733 or toll free (866) 913-3733.