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Our Primary Goal
To provide excellent service.

Mission Statement
To improve the financial well being of our members.

The Board of Directors is comprised of nine volunteer positions. Board members are elected to serve three year terms and must be a current member to be elected. Annually three board positions are nominated for re-election and the process is finalized at the Annual Meeting of the Membership which is held each spring.

The Board of Directors carries the responsibility of directing the credit union and MIDFLORIDA’s senior management in all aspects of the credit union.

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We are pleased to have these members choose to serve MIDFLORIDA and its membership.

Chet Brojek
Board member since 1983
Christopher Geiger
Board member since 2014
Kenneth Heubusch
Board member since 2015
Darrell Jensen
Board member since 2013
Shirley Pellarchy
Board member since 2015
Dan Pierce
Board member since 1986
Gary Ruhle
Board member since 2006
Nick Sudzina
Board member since 1994
John Upperco
Board member since 1989
Don Williams
Board member since 1986
Harry Williams
Board member since 1999