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Person scanning an android mobile phone on a mobile wallet checkout device to pay for a purchase

Samsung Pay is a secure and convenient way to pay.

Once your card is set up in Samsung Pay, you can touch your compatible device to the magstripe reader at the register of most merchants, or use it to pay within certain apps.

Adding your MIDFLORIDA debit or credit card to Samsung Pay

  • Download and then open the Samsung Pay app.
  • Tap the + sign on your screen, and follow the prompts.
  • If your card successfully loads and activates, no further steps are required.1
  • If activation is required, call the number that appears on the screen. If no number appears, call the number on the back of your card. You may need to have the amount and location of your last transaction available.


Samsung Pay is safe and secure…your account number is not stored on your phone or transmitted, so potential fraudsters are deterred from stealing your information. To learn more about the security of this digital wallet, and see a current listing of supported devices, visit Samsung Pay’s website.


Read FAQs about Samsung Pay or call

Debit cards — (800) 663-7354 toll free
Credit cards — (877) 602-9023 toll free
Or contact us