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What our employees are saying

Why our employees love MIDFLORIDA

Here are a few words our employees have shared about working at MIDFLORIDA.

"Working for MIDFLORIDA means working for an organization that values your worth. MIDFLORIDA strives to make us better leaders and is committed to our development to help us achieve our career goal." – Karina T.

"I have been employed at MIDFLORIDA Credit Union for 11 years and really enjoy my job. The benefits with this company are amazing, and they get better with longevity. I appreciate the mission that MIDFLORIDA stands for, and we have a collaborative team-working environment. MIDFLORIDA rewards their employees with gifts and incentives like no other company that I have worked for. I look forward to being with this company until I retire."  – Deborah W.

"I love working at MIDFLORIDA because I believe in the core values that our board of directors and employees all share — improving the financial well-being of our members. After working with MIDFLORIDA for almost 20 years, I have come to realize that you don’t just work here; you learn here, you form relationships here, and you want to stay here. Finding a place to work and having a lasting career that you can say you believe in whole-heartedly is not an easy feat. But, it is possible…MIDFLORIDA Rocks!" – Carmalita A.

 "For me, MIDFLORIDA is an amazing place to work because the company truly cares about their employees and the communities. MIDFLORIDA gives back, pays it forward, gives acknowledgements and recognition. With MIDFLORIDA, employees and members are not just a number or a credit score. MIDFLORIDA looks at the whole picture, not just a few pieces of a puzzle. In the 2 1/2 years I have been with the company, I have witnessed these things time and time again. MIDFLORIDA is a great place to work, and I am very blessed and proud to be a part of the MIDFLORIDA family." – Kim B.