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Wire Transfer Services

How to send wire transfers

When you need to send money quickly, a wire transfer is a convenient way to do so. 

For Incoming Wire Transfers

In order to have money wired to your MIDFLORIDA account, you will need:

  • Routing number for all MIDFLORIDA accounts: 263179804
  • Full account number
  • Full name of beneficiary (name on account)

For Outgoing Wire Transfers

Please see our fee schedule for wire transfer fees.

For your security, it is recommended that you visit a MIDFLORIDA branch to send a wire transfer. If you are unable to visit a branch, you must call our accounting department at (863) 616-2100 ext. 2000  in addition to faxing your wire transfer form and copy of your driver's license to (863) 616-2110.  We are required by federal legislation to speak with you in person or by phone to inform you of important wire information and advise you of your rights as a party of the transaction. Accounting representatives are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Processing times

Wire transfers are accepted during regular business lobby hours. Wires received in the lobby on Saturday will be processed the next business day. Foreign wires received after 3:30pm weekdays may be processed on the next business day. Wires to some countries may have additional information required after the form has been submitted to the institution receiving the funds, which may cause a delay. Forms not completed in a branch require additional validation and may not be processed the same business day. Posting times for the institution receiving the funds may vary. Also note that the funds may not arrive at their destination on the same day the wire is sent. In some cases it may take as long as 15 days.

Do I need a Swift Code to complete an international wire to MIDFLORIDA? 

Many banks and credit unions do not have a Swift Code. Don’t worry! You can still wire the money. Simply request that the foreign bank wire the money to their U.S. correspondent bank, with the instructions: for Further Credit to MIDFLORIDA, with final credit to you. That bank will complete the transaction using our routing number and your account number. Please note that foreign banks often stumble at the absence of the Swift Code, but they should all have a U.S. correspondent bank, and established procedures that they can use to complete this transaction for you. Keep in mind that we are unable to send funds to all countries—some are completely blocked for various reasons.